Revolution Monument


Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa

On our recent “invasion” of Mexico City, (as Stephen calls it), we decided to take a look at the Revolution Museum.
The Building iyself is amazing, it was started by Dictator Porfirio Diaz but got short stopped when the Revolution started. He wanted to build a building that was modeled after the Capital Building in Washington D.C. but only got as far as the dome part, so after the Revolution (1910-1918) it became a monument to the Revolution.
Inside we found mucho memorabilia to Revolutionaries, Emilio Zapata. Pancho Villa, Etc.,
U.S. Gen. Jack Pershing chased Pancho all over the country, (because he robbed the bank in Columbus, New Mexico…which by the way was the last time a foreign army invaded the U.S.), And never could catch him…then World War One started & the boys went to Europe.

In order to get money for his campaigns, Pancho contracted with an American Movie Company to film his battles… They insisted that he attack the City of Torreon from the opposite direction because the light was better & to stop fighting at dark. All of which probably drove Pancho into a frenzy.
At least Pancho had the right idea…”shoot the bankers”.
Viva Mexico Y’all !!

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