My grandson Josh is taking a course in CINEMATOGRAPHY in Tlaxcala, so a couple of weeks ago he directed, edited and scripted a short film. The course cost is about $25 dollars a month, classes on Saturdays from 9AM till 1 pm.  I was impressed by the professianalism . A friend loaned them a house to shoot in.There were 14 people in his class, everyone did something…makeup, lighting, cameraman, acting, props, etc.,.  The drama Teacher had the honor of commiting suicide in the film. My wife and I did the catering.  Give us a million bucks and we can come up with a top notch film.

A new Spielberg
A new Spielberg




preparing to shoot
preparing to shoot



 This film ran 4 minutes & took 6 hours to shoot. To see the end result see it on Youtube at this link….

3 thoughts on “CINEMATOGRAPHY

  1. The movie was filmed in our ¨winter headquarter`in Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala. We have had the house purged off all its demons, however 🙂

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