The Hideout


Yesterday we did a tour of Soltepec Hacienda, better known as\” La Escondida\” because a movie by that name was filmed there starring Mexican Actress, Maria Felix.

Entrance to The Hacienda

Entrance to The Hacienda

At its peak Soltepec was a livestock ranch and produced Pulque. Now it has been converted into a First Class Hotel with a lot of atmosphere.

Located about 3 miles from the town of Huamantla, Tlaxcala, it has everything you need for a pleasant weekend and plenty of tourist sites nearby that you can visit .

Hacienda dining room

Hacienda dining room

It has a restaurant, swimming pool (heated), a gymnasium, squash court,tennis court, billiard room,bar, snack bar, and rooms with jacuzzis, internet and large screen TV\’s. A terrific Panoramic view of the mountains.

They also have a website that you can check at:

Also they are getting ready to open a 9 hole golf course.

And of course my services as a touristguide if you want to see historic places around the state.


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