Random Thoughts

This is a rhetoricle question. Why do so many Americans think the only place to go in Mexico is San Miguel Allende, Lake Chapala or some resort? I mean those places can only hold so many people, then prices skyrocket and everybody bitches about the cost of living. I know, 1.- misinformation & disinformation. they get touted to these places because they can\’t bear the thought of learning a new language, culture or system, eventually they are living in little America at a high cost, The real Estate agents are in their glory, Unable to assimilate. 2.- they are like rabbits, every little thing scares them and they have to live in a gated community with a guard… OK Sucker! just remember there\’s a price tag on that so don\’t complain afterwards.

Yes I know…CRIME…it\’s everywhere pal, I had my hotel room ransacked in Indianapolis so I know everyone there\’s not a Saint. It can happen anywhere and I\’ve seen some nasty things in the States, Drugs everywhere and it\’s going to get worse. When the North stops buying the Cartels will fade into non existence.

OK. Have you ever had your pocket picked?? What?? Your a virgen?? It happened to me twice in Mexico, The cops tell me the slickest \”dips\” come up from Central America, so the Mexicans get hit also. the two times I got snagged, they were so smooth I never felt a thing, luckily they only got an expired drivers license and about ten bucks, but it made me more cautious, usually they work in pairs, one guy dips and transferrs it to an accomplice, even if you know who the dip was and get a cop, he won\’t have any evidence on him. To avoid this use a pouch around your neck, Samsonite makes them. Fanny packs can be snatched, be careful.
Here\’s a design for a \”hidden pocket\” that is excellent for your passport & money. Click mouse on photo to enlarge it. If you lose your passport you will have to go through U.S. Bureaucracy at the embassy to get a new one…you\’ll lose at least a day and it\’ll cost a hundred or more. If you have a hotel with a safe leave it there, dont carry it around, nobodys going to ask you for it unless your changing travelers checks. A hot passport is worth a hundred dollars on the black market. keep copies of it in a seperate place, you\’ll need them to get a new one or at least it will speed things up. Get an accredited guide if you don\’t know the language..Yes I\’m one…look me up. It\’s worthwhile to know which section of town you shouldn\’t wander into while gawking at skyscrapers like a rube from Punkin Crick, Iowa. \”My Garsh, we don\’t have nothing like this in our home town\”.

Advice from the sages, Don\’t wear rings, or jewelry.. get a cheap watch, (do you want to know the time or do you want to impress someone) neither here nor in Big U.S. cities, I heard some gang punks in New York remark about a tourist passing by who had a flashy ring on..\”that\’s worth 10 or 12 rocks (crack). Stay off the subway during peak hours. Last week I noticed that the subway in Mexico City now has cameras & police at each of the stations or at least the major ones downtown. That\’s an improvement.
Act sensible, be alert, don\’t flash…… don\’t embarass me… I may start telling people I\’m Canadian.
Get a phrase book and learn some elemental Spanish.
Some things I\’ve learned over the years..this is the Guru speaking…. \”nothing, absolutely nothing lasts forever.\”…. Also You never know when you\’ve reached your peak (in anything) until you\’re well past it. And when you\’re young you think you\’ll always keep advancing.
Things might be foolproof but they\’re not \”damn fool proof\”.
Have a nice day….

One thought on “Random Thoughts

  1. Being experienced now with traveling with you and learning and seeing real Mexico with you and not just tourist Mexico I can only say. AMEN you and your lovely Raquel are the greatest guides and wonderful to travel with both of you. Hats off ot you and your honesty.

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