Unsung Heros of the Road

green angels logo
green angels logo

So you’re zipping along through the Mexican mountains and suddenly your car conks out. What do you do??

Well, I suggest that you sit there, open your hood & wait. if it’s during the daytime help should arrive in a few hours at the most, in the shape of a green and white utility truck marked “Green Angels”.

Staffed by bilingual mechanics, they patrol the major highways from 8AM till 9PM. They can help you fix a flat, give you gas or a tow to a filling station, if its not a major problem they will fix it for free , just pay for the parts. I had a tire blowout near Saltillo and they came by and changed my spare & escorted me to a filling station at no charge. Very Courteous and efficient. I can think of a few times in the U.S. that I could’ve used help like that.

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