Easter Dinner in Puebla


Easter Sunday we were invited to Dinner at the “Sombrero Restaurant”A nice place located on 21 Poniente and corner of Atlixco Boulevard.

 A lot of typical Pueblan food and a few items that I call Aztec Food , as they were things I’m sure were around during Old King Moctezuma’s days. For instance: Escamoles (Ant Eggs), Gusanos de Magueyes, (Agave Worms), Not exactly what you will see being served at Macdonalds. So I tried them, Not bad really… I can’t describe the ant eggs, strange taste. The Agave worms were fried & seasoned with lime juice and chili sauce. Check the photos: I look like I’ve been on a 3 day drunk but I swear I wasn’t drinking…at least not much.

Finally I ordered a Tampico Steak to get the taste of ant eggs out of my mouth.  And a dish of Vanilla ice cream with a little chocolate sauce. Hope everyone else had a nice Easter. Before we left an estudiantina Trio came in & sang for us, very nice touch to finish the day. Cheers!!!

Ant Eggs

Ant EggsFried Agave WormsAgave worm canapesant eggs with guacamoleCoronaTampico SteakLive Music


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