U.S. Dental Caravan


Makeshift dental chair

Makeshift dental chair

Just got back from a trip to Tochimizolco , Puebla, (that means “Place of the reeds and rabbits” in Nahuatl language). Wher we assisted a Caravan of American Dentists and Doctors doing free medical & dental work to the local villagers. This is probably one of the best good will ambassador moves that Americans can do. Many kids left with Colgate Smiles. Steve Sardeson & myself helped give out more than 350 pairs of Reading glasses and helped translate and do many chores for more than 30 dentists and Doctors.


Smiles a plenty

Smiles a plenty

reading glasses
reading glassesDental checkupMakeshift dental chair

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  1. Pat and I really enjoyed being a member of the dental team on the 20th anniversary trip to the same village. Pat was impressed to notice the improved dental condition of the youth in the community after growing up with medical and dental care for their formative years. We were told that when the team first arrived 20 years ago and gave out toothbrushes, people used them as hairbrushes until they were taught their use.

    You can see a video about the dental trip on YouTube by searching for ¨MsSardo¨


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