The Fire Down Below #2

In the Michoacan Area in 1943 a farmer by the name of Dionisio Pulida was plowing his field when it suddenly opened up and started spewing ash and fire. Within a week a mountain had engulfed his farm.a few months later the town of San Juan Parangaricutin disappeared beneath a layer of lava.The towers of the church in the main square can still be seen emerging from now hardened lava.


Paricutin Volcano
Paricutin Volcano


Although no one was killed by lava or the eplosion, 3 people died from lightning strikes, a common occurence during volcanic eruptions.

The Church at Paricutin
The Church at Paricutin

 Another highly active Volcano is Nevada de Colimawith more than 29 eruptions since 1560 to the present.



Colima volcano
Colima volcano



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