Life after 911

big bro

big bro

Its a rainy day and I´m sitting around meditating as to how things have changed since 911, Why is the world such a mess.

Well for one thing we live in a  plutocracy, the rich make the rules and bad rules at that. 911 forced me to reevaluate things and make changes .

before 911 I was living in Mexico sometimes as an illegal, nobody really cared, I´d run out of money and my visa expired…so what?? Nobody checked except at the border and there were ways to get around that or as an American you could lie your way out of situations, Nobody believed an American was crazy enough to live here at such low wages.

The passenger trains were running and nobody checked papers, you could hop off at Laredo and walk across the bridge, if you were stopped you could say you just came over to buy some tequila.

Those days are gone, After 911 the Immigration Dept started stopping buses and asking for documents, I talked my way out of that a couple of times but I knew it was just a matter of time before the law of averages caught up with me, so I became legal, it cost me a little more but I dont have to look over my shoulder.

 Ah yes, those Saudi Arabians are laughing like hell, they point at the U.S. and say look at what we did.. Americans almost have to strip naked to catch an airplane, their so called freedoms are taken away…ha ha ha…a bunch of Sheep…ha ha ha.   Friends we´re living on borrowed time…either a revolution will brew or slavery will ensue.  And it will be worse in the states than here in Mexico. I´m just hoping when the shootings are over and the smoke clears the Correct side will emerge.

Why is it when a new law comes into effect the law abiding folks are the ones who get hurt by it. example: I use to travel all over the U.S., in order to phone my wife I´d find a phone booth and dump a roll of quarters in it…if I didnt have change I´d tell her to call me back at the phone booth (this was before cell phones became popular), then one day the Telephone company wouldnt allow this..WHY? Because, they said… Drug pushers use the public phone booths as offices so you can only call out not receive. Of course the pushers had the money to afford expensive cell phones so they didnt give a crap.  If they pass enough LAWS finally everyone will be a criminal and you can be arrested at any time.

OK OK , I´m getting off this soapbox and going low profile again… good luck hope you all survive.


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  1. Good Morning Robert and those listening in,

    It is 85 degrees F today in Baraboo, WI, USA. It will be almost 95 degrees soon, an almost record high 😦
    I was outside digging with a shovel yesterday, but won’t do it today! Yes, Robert, the world is changing, again, and we are finding it difficult to keep up with it. Perhaps we are just paying too much attention to such change as older people (or fears for our grandchildren). When we were young it was happening to, but we just blew it by or blew by it.

    Oh well . . . I need to stay in the shade today. I have a tarp over my deck for shade like we saw people doing in Tlaxcala. Have you started your restaurant yet?

    We went to a water ski show last night. After all, we live 10 miles from largest tourist area in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Dells. It was very good because it also had juggling and other circus type acts.
    I might put some of it on YouTube.

    Oh . . . my camera may be acting up by not staying focused during movies. Must have something to do with the thousands of photos and movies I took in Tlaxcala in recent months.


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  3. I found very informative. The article is professionally written and I feel like the author knows the subject very well. keep it that way.

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