Medical Visit


Thanks to the fact that my wife worked as an English teacher for a Federal High School I was able to sneak into the Medical system. (if your spouse is over 55 he or she qualifies). So I get everything free, something I can´t get in the U.S. . Medication, Doctors consultations, analysis, hospitalization, etc. I don´t need much anyway, I have high blood pressure and get meds for that, my wife has high blood sugar.

So the other day we were running low and paid a visit to the Social Security Clinic, we always see the same Dr., They seem amazed that a Gringo shows up. Great service, the only problem is sometimes there´s a long wait to see the Doc, but what the heck, its free.



Checking for Sugar

Checking for Sugar

Dr. Lezuma and Assistant

Dr. Lezuma and Assistant


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  1. Bob,
    I am a big IMSS fan. I am covered because I work for a Mexican company. I receive much better care than I did when I lived in the United States and paid big bucks for the indifferent service that I received from my HMO. All you need is a little proficiency in Spanish, patience, and getting to know the system. I really appreciate IMSS.

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