Medical Visit

Thanks to the fact that my wife worked as an English teacher for a Federal High School I was able to sneak into the Medical system. (if your spouse is over 55 he or she qualifies). So I get everything free, something I can´t get in the U.S. . Medication, Doctors consultations, analysis, hospitalization, etc. I don´t need much anyway, I have high blood pressure and get meds for that, my wife has high blood sugar.

So the other day we were running low and paid a visit to the Social Security Clinic, we always see the same Dr., They seem amazed that a Gringo shows up. Great service, the only problem is sometimes there´s a long wait to see the Doc, but what the heck, its free.

Checking for Sugar
Checking for Sugar
Dr. Lezuma and Assistant
Dr. Lezuma and Assistant

One thought on “Medical Visit

  1. Bob,
    I am a big IMSS fan. I am covered because I work for a Mexican company. I receive much better care than I did when I lived in the United States and paid big bucks for the indifferent service that I received from my HMO. All you need is a little proficiency in Spanish, patience, and getting to know the system. I really appreciate IMSS.

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