If you want to know the truth….

modern trash pickup

modern trash pickup

There´s an old blues song  that says.¨If you want to know the truth, ask your garbage man¨… your neighbors might be claiming they drink champagne but there´s  Old Milwaukee beer cans in the garbage.

 Today is garbage day … a culture shock for the newcomers, you don´t just put the garbage in front of your house and they pick it up… you wait till you hear a loud clanging noise that is reminiscent of a Chinese battalion charging across the 38th  parrallel while clashing cymbals. Then you take the garbage out and lift it up to the guy on the truck.  I had an American lady who lived next door to me in Puebla and one afternoon as we were loading our garbage I told her..¨we´ve got to stop meeting like this!!

 There´s a tin soup can hanging off the side of the truck for tips, I always put a peso or 2 in it, these guys have a miserable life and if they decide to go on strike ..you´ll have a miserable life

garbage truck

garbage truck

  Some of the larger cities now allow the garbage to be set out on the curb, some villages have no collection service and they have to burn or bury trash. You never see card board boxes behind grocery stores or at least its rare, There are trash scavengers called ¨pepinadors¨who go around looking for recyclable materials. At the major Garbage dumps there are pepinadors who pay a fee to scavenge. I met a preacher once who told me he was invited to go on a ¨3rd World Tour¨a part of which was a visit to the city dump in Mexico City…he said there were 300 to 400 people scavenging there and the smell almost caused him to faint, several families had made caves in the dump in which they were living.  NO Thats not one of my tours.

 At least many things get recycled.. in America Society throws away everything.


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