Gas & Water


Can you drink the water in Mexico?? Well, yes and No. Depends on where you`re at…out in the sticks…be careful, big cities…maybe… 5 star hotels …probably safe.   I traveled all over the U.S. and someplaces have nasty water… Sulfur water in some parts of Florida. New York City, I was at a Hotel in N.Y. near Madison Square Gardens  and the water looked like skimmed milk. many towns have flouride in the water which has a metallic tang to it. I tested the water for chlorine in it at my house & it seems to have enough, but I`ve never fully trusted the water here I always buy 5 gallon jugs of purified water. Is it safe…check it out …it runs through a chlorine tank, then a filter then activated charcoal, the health dept. checks them out every two or 3 months. And they´ll deliver it right to your door.

Purified water

Purified water

5 gallon bottles for 10 pesos

5 gallon bottles for 10 pesos

 Need gas? theres trucks going by all the time, a 30 kilo tank costs about 25 dollars , that usually lasts me about 6 weeks.  You can call them on  the phone or catch them in the street.ºº In Tlaxcala they play the X files theme, Another company plays the Good, the Bad and the ugly theme song.




George the water man

George the water man


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  1. We have a well in our back patio. The water has been tested and passed with flying colors. I use it to cook, wash dishes and other activities, but for drinking, I’d rather buy a “garafon” for 13 pesos!

    We no longer buy the 30 kilo tank of gas. Spending 300 pesos a month on gas was getting to be a bit much. We have a stationary tank on our roof. We still spend 300 pesos, but only every 3 months!

  2. We live in Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, from January thru April. We have a rooftop gas tank which is good and costs about 35 pesos per month which we have filled about once during our stays. However, the gas trucks come by constantly announcing gas available for sale. As “Mexico Mystic” state, they place the “X files” them song which has now become “stuck” in our brain 🙂 The real problem is the start EVERY morning about 6:00 AM and RETRACE their route about EVERY half hour over several hourse 7 days a week. Soooo, we wake up every morning SEVERAL times to the sound of the “X files” and are “wooed” by it about every half hour. I guess we just learned to live with it and now, back in the USA, we miss it . . . but only a bit!

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