Magic Mushrooms


The Drug (and Sex) Revolution is over and we”re left in the trenches staring out at the No Man’s Land of Crack & Aids. So this is in memory of my companions who just couldn’t say NO. Ronald Reagan warned them but they just wouldn’t listen. Which makes me wonder…Did Chesterfields bring on Reagans Alzheimer??






Pipe used in Aztec ceremonies

Pipe used in Aztec ceremonies


Some people rationalize and say they aren’t addicts because a Doctor prescribe the meds to them…yeh, …Dr. Feelgood. Thats what Michael J. said…he learned it from his father in law…El said the same thing. Well that might make it Legal but they’re still dead!!

During the 60’s halucinogenics were the fad, now it’s just chemicals, (say goodbye to your brain).

I was in downtown Puebla one day and I spot this kid, staring at the Cathedral, he was about 20, had long hair, a handwoven Mexican vest, and a back pack…stood out like a sore gringo thumb. So i edged over beside him and said, as I pointed Southward…”Oaxaca is that way.” He just about jumped out of his skin… He stared at me and said, “How did you know I was going to Oaxaca?”


psylocibe mushrooms

psylocibe mushrooms


I told him, “Well, you look like Head, and all heads go to Oaxaca to look for Magic Mushrooms”

He laughed and told me he had been to Oaxaca the year before to do just that. He had went out to the pyramids of Monte Alban and found ‘shrooms growing on cow patties early in the morning before the sun came up. After eating a few he got all spaced out, he said a group of elementary school kids came by with their teacher and they all started pointing at him and laughing. He must have been totally wasted.

When I was in Oaxaca a few years ago I noticed a sign in one of the restaurants at the Zocalo that said: NO HIPPIS ALLOWED!!. I asked the waiter what did they have against the hippys? He said, “They eat those mushrooms, then they come and sit at a table with one cup of coffee for twelve hours. Oh Yeh, Space Cadets!!

Psilocybin is the active ingredient in these mushrooms, known to Prehispanic natives as “Teonanacatl” or The Flesh of the Gods. Its use was strictly regulated by the High Priests and it was used in ritualistic ceremonies in which people “communicated” with the Gods, in order to see the future.


'Shroom visions

'Shroom visions


In the 60’s the Hippie Movement with the idea of expanded consciousness used these halucinogens in a recreational psychedelic form .

Legend has it that John Lennon came to Oaxaca and tried ‘shrooms with the mushroom priestess Maria Sabina and during a trance like state she predicted his assasination (unconfirmed).


Maria Sabina

Maria Sabina


Unfortunately drugs have fell into the hands of organized crime and created Mafias and problems worldwide. Probably the best thing to do would be to legalize them to at least take the profits away from the underworld gangs.


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