magic mushrooms

magic mushrooms

The five major halucinogenic plants that were used in Aztec times were mushrooms, peyote, morning glory seeds, Toloache (Datura) and tobacco.

Yes tobacco was used as a hallucinogenic, the Aztecs had tobacco, Christopher Columbus took it back to Europe with him, but the Indians didn’t go around smoking Marlboros. It was used aas a ritualistic drug. Will it produce a hallucination? If you’ve never smoked before and light up tobacco in its pure form, (not this chemically enhanced stuff you get at the smoke shop, then probably it will. I recall my first cigarrette, I was 8 or 9 and my cousin & I sneaked some Bull Durham and some cigarrette papers into his tree house. I was so dizzy I damn near fell out of the tree. I havent smoked in 40 years now so it would probably have the same effect on me.

Using psychotropic meds will help you overcome depression , over 10% of the U.S. use them. Unfortunately many people feel that if a little bit helps then a whole lot will help more. No wonder the States are so screwed up. Pharmaceutical companies have synthesized tmany products from these plants which just puts the psyche in limbo.But the Aztecs were using them in a search for the “soul”. They believed that a person had two forces in them known as “Tonalli” & “Yalyotl”An idea that came from the Toltec Indians who also brought the worship of “Quetzalcoatl” the plumed serpent. They believed these forces entered a person at birth and had to be cared for to keep from losing them. Loss of tonalli was associated with sickness and death. They believed that these inner elements could be seen and manipulated . To regulate these forces they used these sacred plants, administered by shamans or magic medicine men. Chewing or smoking tobacco would induce a trance, drinking a tea of datura seeds or morning glory seeds would give them a clearer vision of this force, peyote and mushrooms would open the force.

Spaniards translated the word tonalli as meaning “soul”, so were the Aztecs looking for their souls? Maybe.

peyote cactus

peyote cactus

Peyote, causes auditory halucinations amongst other things. I knew this guy, his name was Gypsy Red, he got busted for walking down mainstreet in Fargo at midnight, naked with nothing on but a book bag full of peyote. He did a year for possession , I saw him a year later when he got out , I told him, “Red, the Lakota Indians have a religion in wwhich they use peyote as a part of the religious ceremony, you should’ve told the cops you were in that religion”. He said, “Well that might explain the peyote but do they also walk naked down main street at midnight?? I guess not Red.

Like Ronald Reagan said or as Red called him “Ronald Raygun”., …Just say NO.

toloache or datura

toloache or datura

heavenly blue will do

heavenly blue will do



Use moderation in all things my friends….have a good day !


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