Gastronomical Event

Americas contribution to Mexican Culture

Americas contribution to Mexican Culture

Last Friday, October 23rd, was the culmination of Immigrants Week and the Immigration Department had a gastronomical event in which immigrants living in Tlaxcala all brought a representative dish of their countries.

 I brought Barbecued ribs with potato salad. There were many countries represented and everyone had a great time with a lot of camaraderie.  Mara Magadi, an American lady who lived many years in Kenya gave an exposition of her photographic work, the municipal band played musical accompaniment and many people came to sample the food.

The consumer protection agency of Mexico also attended and gave out free magazines of Consumers Guide.

To see all my photos go to this link:

Hope y’all can come down sometimes and pull up a chair and sit a spell…and have a healthy heapin’ of hospitality.  WAY DOWN SOUTH.


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  1. MMMMMmmmmnnnnnhhhh!!!! to bad I was at work it looks so delicious…. Geman food also looks great.
    Good for you, Next time we see you we want to taste that ribs mmmmnnnhh yummi yummi

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