The Dolores Olmedo Museum


 Went to Mexico City last Saturday to the Dolores Olmedo Museum. Mrs. Olmedo was a friend of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. She had the largest collection of Frida Kahlo paintings in the world. Unfortunately I wasnt allowed to photograph them but there was many other things to see and photograph. The estate itself is magnificent, there are 11 salons and many temporary exhibits and events going on. Mrs. Olmedo was also fond of Xoloitzcuintla dogs, a prehispanic breed of dog that is almost extinct. I had only seen 4 in 40 years in Mexico but Saturday I saw at least a dozen.

The museum is located near Xochimilco and if you visit Mexico City I reccomend that you see this museum. Entrance fee was $55 pesos. You should go catch a flatboat ride around Xochimilco while your there also.

nov. mex city 003

entrance to museum

nov. mex city 006


pre hispanic dog

the xoilotzcuintle dog

for more photos go to this link…………………….


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