Tlaxcala State Fair

 The State Fair is in full swing and its always a good idea to check Fairs out to see what’s new and innovative. My wife and I went to check it out and it really got crowded. But it was worth going to see the new things, colorful sites, the smells of food cooking on the midway, the animal and art exhibits.

 Something different was ostrich meat hamburgers and tacos… it wasn’t exactly my favorite cuisine but it wasnt bad,,presumably its healthier than pork or beef. After eating them I had a strange urge to go hide my head in the sand.

We stopped to see the art exhibit in the Convention Center located on the Fairgrounds, very colorful and interesting.

halloween ... 013
Artist Carlos Adrian Fernandez
tlax state fair 003
Ostrich meat tacos
tlax state fair 007
Brahma Bull Ride

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