The Floating Gardens of Mexico (Xochimilco)


 While in Mexico City you don’t want to miss the Floating Gardens, over a hundred kilometers of interlaced canals dating back to pre hispanic times. Started by Aztec agriculturists who would lay out wood covered with woven mats then covered with dirt on which they would plant gardens. Over the centuries the roots of trees and plants embedded themselves in the lake bottom and formed islands, Today there are still families who have handed down this tradition from one family member to another.

Now you can take a trip down the canals on a flower covered flat bottom boat and see the flower gardens while being serenaded by mariachis in canoes, and being offered everything imaginable from vendors such as trinkets, snacks, complete meals and alcoholic drinks…prices vary depending on size of the boat, length of trip, etc. Prices are posted and are negociable, we got a small boat last time with a capacity for 4 to 6 people, voyage took 2 hours and cost $200 pesos (about $16 Dollars).

flatbottom boats--Trajineras.

purchasing flowers

Where's the floating cantina??

go to this link to see more photos,,,,


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  1. Against all forecasts, this water sactuary still exists, and with the longest trip taking up to 8 hours, one can easily loose track of time in there. It is sad to see the gradual deterioration of this incredible nature marvel.

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