Working in Mexico


 I keep seeing other blogs where people say things like, “I’m a Registered Nurse or Lawyer or what have you and I want to do my profession in Mexico, What does it pay? etc.,”

 I mean are you crazy? It doesnt work like that. Either you’re with an established company that can’t find a Mexican National to do it correctly or you’re an entrepreneur that has figured out a way to make a living. And even then it will be less than if you did the same thing in the States.

Anyway, they ask, “How can I supplement my pension, I want to retire in Mexico but I want to work…What can I do???”

Here’s a few suggestions:


Fire eater

Fire eating on the corner, working a lineup of cars. Remember to blow the flames upward and not at potential clients, it’s best if you don’t have a moustache.

street juggler

 Work the lineup of cars at the red light….ask for tips before it turns green.

Pick pocket

Take a cue from Fagan and David Copperfield and become a “dip”. This is more lucrative on the subway. check and see what the bribe is if you get caught.

the metro dip

windshield cleaner

Cleaning windshields on the corner during  rush hour traffic can be a fun and exhilirating experience, be quick and don’t use dirty rags…be professional.

car park director,,,franelero

help people in & out of parking spaces….must be able to whistle, red flannel cloth for signaling approaching vehicles. A pair of brass knuckles will come in handy when other franeleros decide to beat you up for invading there territory.  All jobs are fraught with danger, so take care.

pan handler

crack dealer

palm reader

adult diaper changer

 You can charge by the hour or the piece. See how many opportunities are available?


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  1. I have to agree. I see posts like that all of the time too…Mexico has many Lawyers, Doctors and accountants too…and guess what? They are all Mexican! Mexico does NOT need outsiders for these jobs. You wouldn’t get them anyway so long as there is a surplus of Mexican workers – which there really are. Many of the street jugglers could be one of them.

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