Urban Legends of Mexico El Chupacabra


 Mexicans are very superstitious, they have firm and deepseated beliefs in flying saucers, ghosts and the Chupacabra (Goatsucking monster who drains the blood from animals).

They believe it so much that even a “B” Movie was made about it.

The Chupacabra

 Supposedly from “eye witness” accounts this is what it looks like…

Goat sucker

 Also here and in many parts of the world there are cow mutilations…. mostly T bone and Sirloin steaks are missing which give rise to the rumor that its a crime commited by a deranged butcher, Jack the Rippers reincarnation or the Chupacabra.

WHEN mount Popocatepetl erupted a few years ago, the government sent the Army up to the village closest to the crater (Xalizintla, Puebla)to conduct rehearsed evacuations as a safety matter. after the first trial evacuation many of the villagers refused to leave. I asked a few of them Why? and they said after they had been taken away in trucks to a town a hundred miles away and they went back…their goats disappeared. Was it goat rustlers, the army personell left behind or the Chupacabra?? No one seems to know.

 Anyway if you should see a Chupacabra …don’t say baaaa ! You’re courting disaster.

On the other hand, if you see a ghost…(an elderly wizened lady of 90 told me this… You should ask the ghost…”Where is the gold hidden?”



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  1. I love Mexican urban legends! Actually, our family has an inside joke about the Chupacabra. Before we moved here, my father-in-law still worked on a ranch. Something was killing the sheep and cows, but no one could figure out what it was. My father-in-law camped out in the open to see if he could find the culprit. Very early in the morning, he was attacked by an animal, bitten and scratched. My father-in-law fought the animal to defend himself, resulting in the animal dying. My dad-in-law returned to town to have his wounds cleaned and dressed. Then returned to the ranch to dispose of the animal, but it was no longer there. When questioned by the locals, he said it was an animal that looked like a dog, but had scary facial features. My brothers-in-law and close friends of the family joked that it was probably the Chupacabra! 😀

  2. c treasury of dogs book,as if this chupacabra trully has 3 toes,then he may b an early mastiff dog,as his appearance is same as in tapestry n dogbook! xcept ears r diff! 40lbs a small coyote,unles i dont know cotote size! chupac as n tupac is incan emperor! have been researching catahoulas and chinese crested!back2pleiotine period! wolverine type!? all dogs come from jackyls or wolves! 1 of each! primitive war dogs vs wolf!

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