New Years Day in Mexico City


 I wanted to go to Ixtapa to lay on the Beach but all the Airlines were loaded, all the Beach Hotels had reached capacity…so I thought..Hell…everybody left Mexico City, thats the place to go.

And I was right…plenty of hotels and lots of places to visit.

the little horse

graffiti in Mexico City

attacked by "Predator"

templo mayor archeological zone

 We went to the Templo Mayor in downtown Mexico City…it was great.

Then we saw the worlds largest Christmas tree…it got into the Guiness world book of records, 99 meters tall, over a million lights.

Hope everyone has a good new year….check the links for more photos…

Also got to see some huge meteorites in the mining museum…

meteorites..found in chihuahan desert

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  1. My wife and I drove into Mexico City on Christmas Day. No traffic snarls. We departed on New Year´s Day. Same deal. It may be the best time of the year to visit the capital city.

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