Tarzan in Mexico

 Yes Tarzan lived in Mexico… in Acapulco to be exact.  Johnny Weismuller loved Mexico enough that he bought a house overlooking Acapulco Bay and continued living there until he died at the age of 84.  Mr. Weismuller won many gold medals in the olympics. He was married to Mexican spitfire actress Lupe Velez who was also a lover of Diego Rivera, they were  married from 1933 till 1939. Hollywood moguls thought it would be better if Johnny was single as he was a very masculine star, so they offered Lupe ten grand if she would accept a divorce.   Johnny was married five times.  He bought the Flamingo Hotel and was in partnership with John Wayne. It was a hot spot to visit for movie stars and was frequented by Red Skelton, Richard Widmark, Liz Taylor, Gary Cooper, Errol Flynn and Lana Turner.

Johnny also made a number of movies in which he played “Jungle Jim”.

Tarzan downs a brew

 As you can see here, Tarzan wasnt such a prude that he didnt mind downing a beer.

 Johnny died at the age of 84 in Acapulco  on January 21st of 1984.  A recording of his Tarzan yell was played at the graveside. He was buried at Panteon Valle de Luz in Acapulco. The American Ambassador John Gavin attended the funeral.

the Tarzan yell


 Legend has it that once while  Johnny was   playing golf in Cuba, some of Fidels rebels came down out of the mountains intending to kidnap him  and when he saw them he let out with his famous Tarzan yell. The rebels were in awe of him & instead of kidnapping him they escorted him back safely to his hotel.

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