A visit to Xalapa & Santa Anas Hacienda

 Last march the  Sardesons (genuine tourist) and I took a trip to Xalapa to check out expats hiding out in the jungle. Along the way we visited Xico & Coatepec and had a great time meeting people who havent been scared off by the negative press propaganda north of the border.

Xico waterfalls


Mr. & Mrs. Calypso

We had the honor of meeting fellow blogger Juan Calypso and his wife and several other expats around the area. Afterwards we took a tour of  “El Lencero” Hacienda Museum that had been the home of General Santa Ana…yes the infamous Santa Ana of the Alamo.  It is a fantastic hacienda that is now a state run museum that has been beautifully restored

Santa Anas Hacienda

To see more photos go to this link…..



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