Charros… Mexican Cowboys


Mama don’t let your sons grow up to be cowboys…. Thats what Willie Nelson sings.  But if you go to a Charreada, a Mexican Style Rodeo you will get to see some fine horsemanship.

Charros...Mexican Cowboys

Herna Cortez  entered Mexico in 1519 with 400 soldiers and 16 horses. When the Aztecs saw them they thought they were one being, like Centaurs, half man half horse. A fearsome sight for someone who had  never seen a horse before. At first only Tlaxcalans were allowed to ride horses, because of their alliance with the Spaniards. But very soon the Indigenous people of Mexico were riding , training and handling horses with great skill.

The Charras, Mexican Cowgirls also put on a very colorful performance…

Mexican Cowgirls

And while riding sidesaddle at that.

Charra..Mexican cowgirl

Working the cattle ranches in Mexico during the XVIth Century they developed the techniques that were shared with American Cowboys over a hundred years later. 

rope twirling

Charreadas are the true Mexican Sport, The Tlaxcalan Fair opened last week and will have several days of Charreadas to see more photos of this event go to the following link….


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