The Christmas Eve Plant


Raquel with Poinsettas

 Christmas is a short time away so we took a trip to Atlixco, Puebla and visited several greenhouses…there are more than 300 in the area.

 Noche Buena flowers are in full bloom now, better known in the States as “Poinsettas”. American Ambassador  Joel Poinsett of South Carolina carried them back to the States with him and Named them after himself…Vain lad… he was declared personna non grata in Mexico,  not for renaming the flower but for meddling in Mexican politics. He offered ten million dollars for Texas but was turned down…Mexico wound up loosing it anyway…they should’ve took the ten Million.

So we went to several greenhouses and  were amazed at the variety of flowers on hand. Atlixco is at a lower altitude than Tlaxcala where we live, so the temperature is always about ten degrees warmer there.

Bob with "Noche Buena" plant..cost $2 dollars.

I’m not good at identifying flowers…maybe you can name them…

Some plants have price tags… the price is in Pesos…A peso is worth 12 cents…figure it out…

Check out this link to see more of the flowers of Atlixco……

One thought on “The Christmas Eve Plant

  1. About 8 cents and better than it was. 10 mill for Texas, some would say that is still too much. Have a nice Christmas, I’ve enjoyed your blog this past year.

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