Mexican Muralists


Mexican Muralists reached their peak around 1945 to 1950. The Best known Muralists were  Diego Rivera, David Siquieros and Jose Clemente Orozco… lesser known but equally talented were Jean Charlot and Juan o’Gorman.

Diego Rivera Painting in Secretary of Education Bldg.

Lesser known but talented muralist Desiderio H. Xochitiotzin lived in Tlaxcala and left a monumental work of 450 square yards of al fresco murals in the Government Palace depicting the history of the State of Tlaxcala from Prehispanic times and up until the Porfiriato Period.

Also he left Murals in Puebla at the Newspaper Offices and many oil paintings…

Mural at Puebla Newspaper OfficeSol de Puebla newspaper mural


Pulqueria oil painting


Sol de Puebla newspaper mural


 But the crown jewel of his work are the murals at the Government Palace at the Zocalo in Tlaxcala……    To see more of his al fresco Murals go to this link….


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  1. It´s the Corn Festival… located in the Secretary of Public Education Building , Near the Main Plaza (Zocalo) in Mexico City.

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