The City of the Gods

Pyramid of the Sun

Pyramid of the Sun

About 30 miles  Northeast of Mexico City is Teotihuacan , Which means ¨The Place of the Gods¨. Now a major Archeological Zone and one of the best preserved in the Country. It began as an agricultural center around 200 B.C. . It reached it´s peak about  450 A.D. and it´s power reached as far south as Guatemala.  The City itself was one of the first urban cities, well planned and organized. It covered an area of 8 square miles, larger than even Imperial Rome.  It was a cultural trading center whose influence can be found in the architecture of other cities that sprang up about the same time, such as Cholula  and Cantona. Pyramid of the moon10 048            teotihuacan march 24, 2010 052   Somewhere around the year 600 A.D. it went into a decline and collapsed, we can only speculate as to the reason why… plagues, wars with wandering Nomadic Tribes, Internal Strife and rebellions, natural disasters such as droughts.  Archeologists suggest that one reason for it´s collapse was  deforestation of the area for miles around.  The city´s structures were all painted white  with  quicklime  whatwash which has a process of being burned, the amount of whitewash that had to be processed consumed huge amounts of wood  possibly causing an ecological disaster  maybe along with droughts and other phenomena . By the time the  nomadic Aztecs arrived, , around 1300 A.D.,  Teotihuacan had been long abandoned leaving the Aztecs to believe that only Gods could have built such a grandiose place.


Temple of the Plumed Serpent

Temple of the Plumed Serpent

Tlaloc the rain god

TLALOC The Rain God.

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