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On the 8th Day…..


God created chiles…..  I have a theory that Mexicans are happy and cheerful because when your body feels the pain of Capsicum, (the ingredient that makes chiles hot) it starts producing endorphins to combat the pain , which then brings about a feeling of euphoria.

Columbus brought back a few chiles and seeds from the Caribean but Cortes brought back a greater variety. Ninety per cent of the Worlds chiles started in Mexico. Upon reacing the Old World they were an instant success, Hybridization started immediately, Hungarian Paprika, Curry from India, Tabasco Sauce from Louisiana, Bell Peppers in the USA, and many Chinese and Asian dishes have a link to Mexicos Past.

During the Mexican – American War a young soldier from Louisiana stuffed a handful of red chiles in his pocket and took them home with him. This was the beginning of McIlhennys Tabasco Sauce Company a must have ingredient of Bloody Marys.

On the Average a Mexican will consume 15 pounds of fresh chiles and two pounds of dry chiles each year.

 My favorite Chile is the Chipotle, which in Nahuatl Indian language means “smoked chile”, a Chipotle is a Jalapeño that has been smoked and dried..

Poblano Chiles, which look like an elongated Bell Pepper, are used for the famous Pueblan Dish “Chiles en Nogada”or Stuffed chiles with Walnut cream sauce.   The Chile is roasted over open flames till its charred, then all the skin, seeds and veins are removed to make it mild. It is then stuffed with meats, pears apples, nuts, raisins and other fruits. then covered with walnut cream, pomegranate seeds and parsley leaves so it will have the colors of the flag. It was first prepared by Nuns in Puebla to celebrate a visit from the Emperor Iturbide.

When a Poblano chile is dried it becomes an Ancho Chile.

Chiles are rich in vitamin C, A & E and the lesser known vitamin P. It contains properties that help your skin, helps your heart and prevents many health problems. Chiles from the tropics are more pungent than from other places. Mexico produces 500 thousand tons of fresh chiles and 60 thousand tons of dry chiles annualy. So for a healthier happier life…Eat Chile Sauces.

Biologists say that there is one undeniable benefit  that Chiles offer, a benefit that increases fitness of those who eat chiles on a regular basis and consume chile powder, sauces and fresh pods and that is chiles reduce the voracity of microbes hiding in the food we eat and limit their capacity to poison us. So Bon Apetit !!!

heres my recipe for  VIVA ZAPATA SAUCE

10 jalapeños….   1 clove of garlic

1 small onion…. salt to taste…. juice of 3 limes..

blend everything at high speed except the lime juice.    then add lime juice and mix by hand… salt to taste if you like it milder deseed the jalapeños.

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Why Fred Waring should have a statue in Mexico


 In case you don’t know who Fred Waring was, he was a famous band director back in the early 40’s who had a band called Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians. One of his Hit Songs was “You have to be a Football Hero”.

Band leader Fred Waring

   Now as far as I know Mr. Waring never came to Mexico but his contributions as an inventor helped save thousands of Mexican housewives from the drudgery of this………..


Grinding and blending by handand this……

A Colonial hand blender… And They should have a special day for Fred because he invented this……

and saved them thousands of hours of toil…..3 cheers for Fred Waring…. !!!Maybe someday he will have a statue put up for him in the Zona Rosa.

Lost Wax Silver Jewelry


In the  town of Tlaxco, Tlaxcala We find the Silver workshop of Ms. Eva Martinez who has been making Colonial style jewelry replicas for the last 35 years. Ms. Martinez  goes  to museums and draws a copy of jewelry used in the Colonial period, then makes a wax sculpture of it in her workshop, covers it with clay with an opening, bakes it in her kiln, pours the melted wax out, (thus the lost wax concept), fills it with molten silver and Voila!! an exact replica.

to age the silver it is dipped in potasium sulfate.

 You can buy items of Colonial replicas at very reasonable prices and

take home a most unique gift that can’t be found anywhere else. Each piece is handcrafted with love and precision.

To see more of this workshop click on this link…..

The Best Things In Life….


great choreography

 Quite often they really are free. Today we dropped by the Culture House in Puebla and saw a live performance of a Band called Bandula. And they were very good, great muisic, good costumes and a terrific performance, … price of admission FREE!!  This occurs so often here in Mexico, We find performers who love their country and are very patriotic, enough so they will perform free so working people and families can enjoy their music also.

Singing group “BANDULA”.

So we had a very enjoyable afternoon along with a lot of other families.

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Getting a Criminal Background Check


I know…I haven’t been here for awhile. I’ve been in a tsunami of red tape. Amazingly enough the wonderful, technologically advanced USA has given me the most grief… You can have all the computers you want but if they’re ran by the Planet of the Apes you are going to have problems. And that’s what happened. I needed a Birth Certificate from my Home State of Georgia, so I checked the net and saw their website, followed instructions and sent off details of my mom’s maiden name, etc. & $25 bucks. So not wanting to befuddle their weak redneck brains by saying I live in Mexico I told them to mail it to my cousins house in San Antonio… It showed up a week later… this was in January, My Cuz FedXed it to me.. (another $25 bucks).. It got here I presented it to Mexican Authorities and they said…”But it has to have an Apostille”… “Whats that”.. Ïts a special seal that the Stae Department puts on Documents to show they’re genuine.”  Note: ( This is more Government Bullshit to bleed money from  its beleagured citizens) . So I call a friend in Atlanta… Can you take this down and ask for an Apostille?  “Yes”… I send it… A week later he calls… they say they cant accept it because the Signature on the Birth Certificate is rubber stamped not signed in ink.    So he goes to Vital Statistics to get one in ink.   They tell him No we cant do that… he talks to 3 different people and gets 3 different answers.  I call twice … now a month has passed .. finally someone at the main office says mail it to us.  I tell my friend.. just drop in an an envelope with a return envelope to your house.  “I hope they don’t throw it in the trash “he says.

Well its not worth a crap anyway so we have nothing to lose.

Ten Days later it shows up in TEXAS at my cousins…. but it’s now signed in ink … So I tell my cuz, ” send it to the Apostille office with 3 bucks and a return envelope and let us pray that something happens and God will intervene. ”

Ten days later it shows up with the Apostille seal  so my cuz FedX’s it to me and it shows up in Mexico 4 days later….   Total time wasted by Dummies in Georgia .. 3 months… cost just over $100 bucks.   Burrocrats!!! lots of burros.


burro- crats .


So now I have to get a Federal Mexican Criminal backgroud check…. got to go to Mexico City to get it so I get up at 6:30 along with my wife and we catch a bus to the BIG TAMALE… get there at  9AM , catch a cab to the location and they tell me No we dont do those here you have to go to a different location about 20 blocks away. 


metro bus mexico city


 Finally after two bus rides we find the place and there are 250 people already in line waiting for the same thing. OK. so after about an hour someone  comes down the line checking papers and we go into the main building. Another line… 250 people in front of me 200 behind me. They wouldnt let my wife come in with me. after ten minutes two Federal Police with machine guns come down and said,” Is Robert Cox here?

The long arm of the law

  ”  Yeah thats me, I’m wondering whats going on. They said “come with us”. we start outside and they said, “Wait here”. At the front of the line, My wife was stading at the front door, She said , “I told them it wasnt right to make a person of your age to wait so long, so they’re putting you at the front.”  The Fuzz, said “OK., You can go in, twenty at a time… we went in, in 5 minutes they gave me my Background check paper and said, we’ll check you out later and if we find something wrong we’ll arrest you in a day or two.”    OK, Thanks boys and may God protect you from Drug Cartels supported by American Drug Addicts”

yahoo !!

Immigration Day in Mexico



 I know… I disappeared for awhile. Ï ve been cutting through red tape… getting

The American Table

my immigration papers in order. The Mexican Immigration Dept, threw a party as they do every year for migrants and 22 nations participated. My wife and I along with 4 other Americans, Stuart and Gretchen, Brandon and April had the American representation. Each Nation brought something typical from their countries. We had Muffins and umpkin Pie and Gretchen brought Deviled eggs.

Hopefully this will be my last year as a Migrant and I will become a Citizen by the end of this year.

Check out the party photos…..

Charros… Mexican Cowboys


Mama don’t let your sons grow up to be cowboys…. Thats what Willie Nelson sings.  But if you go to a Charreada, a Mexican Style Rodeo you will get to see some fine horsemanship.

Charros...Mexican Cowboys

Herna Cortez  entered Mexico in 1519 with 400 soldiers and 16 horses. When the Aztecs saw them they thought they were one being, like Centaurs, half man half horse. A fearsome sight for someone who had  never seen a horse before. At first only Tlaxcalans were allowed to ride horses, because of their alliance with the Spaniards. But very soon the Indigenous people of Mexico were riding , training and handling horses with great skill.

The Charras, Mexican Cowgirls also put on a very colorful performance…

Mexican Cowgirls

And while riding sidesaddle at that.

Charra..Mexican cowgirl

Working the cattle ranches in Mexico during the XVIth Century they developed the techniques that were shared with American Cowboys over a hundred years later. 

rope twirling

Charreadas are the true Mexican Sport, The Tlaxcalan Fair opened last week and will have several days of Charreadas to see more photos of this event go to the following link….