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Free Concert


Argentine pianist Raul Di Blasio gave a performance at the Convention Center in Tlaxcala  on August 10th,It was a free Concert sponsored by Social Security in honor of their 50th Anniversary in Mexico. About 1800 people showed up and everyone seemed to enjoy it. There was a lot of Audience participation and Mr. Di Blasio gave a brilliant performance.

Raul Di Blasio

Douglas from New York on keyboards

 To see more pictures and a video go here…

and here…..



I told my wife a joke about Mexicans… Why do Mexicans always eat refried beans?  Because they can’t cook them right the first time.

” That’s not funny,” she said.    Well maybe not, its kind of corny. But I’ve got to a point where I can tell a joke in Spanish and they laugh. Or maybe they’re laughing at my accent??

 Humor is in the eye of the beholder… They say things that I don’t consider funny also. But sometimes they can be very funny.

I like British dry humor also. My wife doesnt connect at all with that, she doesnt like Mr. Bean. I use to be in Show Biz & there were always a bunch of Show girls from all parts of the world, I recall talking to some English girls one day & mentioned British Humor & one of them asked, “What British comedians did I watch”. I told her “Benny Hill”.” Bullshit”, she said, “You just like to watch the girls run around in their knickers”.  Well.. maybe so, I kind of enjoyed that also.

Benny Hill & entourage

 Poor Benny, he got canned over a sexual harrassment suit.

Our boy Benny

 Sometimes in Mexico you see things that aren’t suppose to be funny but are… for instance theres a couple of Magazines that are like the Super market scandal sheets you see in the States, but a lot more grafic, called ALARMA & ORALE!!! Orale roughly means “How About That”. One day I see an article on the front page of ALARMA that said, “Man has sex with chicken”…claims it was the best he’d ever had in his life!! with a picture of a guy that looked like he just came off the Jerry Springer Show.

And sometimes in the course of normal conversation people say funny things. One day I heard two news photographers arguing, one said you are such a low life proletarian. The other said, ” You are so common, you’re more common than animal crackers at Christmas time.”

If you’ve lived long enough in Mexico and watch kids break pinatas at christmas time you will understand that.

Some of my favorite Mexican comedians are:  Hector Suarez…


This may be more inflamatory than Memin Pinguin…

Hector as, "No Hay...No Hay"

 Another very innovative comedian is Andres Bustamante, better known as Guiri-Guiri ..


And two other funny stand up comics are JO JO JORGE FALCON and  POLO POLO.  More for adult audiences.




So here is one of my first joke attempts……. in Spanish….

quien fue los tres peores PRESIDENTES en el mundo ??





(My wife said.. Thats not  funny either !!!!)



 Free enterprise… seems like Mexico has more of it than the U.S., try to start a shoestring operation in the U.S. and you will immediately be strangled by red tape, regulations & power mad bureaucrats.

 In Mexico I see people start businesses with practically nothing, pure entrepreneurs, for example Ive seen people hang a sign outside their house that reads… comida corrida (homecooked meals)… or they wait till evening and open up a street corner taco stand to supplement a meager income.

Can’t do that in the U.S., I know, I know, the “authorities” are protecting YOU.

I think I’m smart enough to protect myself and save money while I’m doing it. last night the baked banana man came down the street selling his goods…isn’t this better than having him ask for welfare? Or crawling through the desert to be an illegal alien? check hm out.

baked bananas

a baked plantain, (Macho Banana)

check the video..

Going to a movie


 The genuine tourist & his wife were in town so we decide to take in a movie. Here you can see what a horrible theatre we went to… They kept bugging us before the show started asking if we wanted a Margarita or a Martini (extra dry).   Life is Hard South of the Border.

At the Movies...I'll have a Tequila Sunrise !!

Steve relaxing after a hard day browsing through the Mall

V.I.P. Movie Theatre at ·Angelopolis" in Puebla, Mexico

 I don’t know if I can stand much more of this primitive living.

The movie was “Desde mi Cielo” (“Lovely Bones”).

Culture…other than yogurt..


The last couple of weekends has been very entertaining …we went to see the nutcracker suite in Puebla and got to see it again in Tlaxcala by the same ballet company as our granddaughter is in the play. It was presented by the Danilova Ballet School and very professionally done,great costumes and scenery.

The Nutcracker Suite

bon bon's

 also musical accompaniment was provided by the Puebla Music Conservatory’s Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.

The nutcracker suite

ballet dancer

Go to this link to see all of “The Nutcracker Suite Photos”….

Urban Legends of Mexico El Chupacabra


 Mexicans are very superstitious, they have firm and deepseated beliefs in flying saucers, ghosts and the Chupacabra (Goatsucking monster who drains the blood from animals).

They believe it so much that even a “B” Movie was made about it.

The Chupacabra

 Supposedly from “eye witness” accounts this is what it looks like…

Goat sucker

 Also here and in many parts of the world there are cow mutilations…. mostly T bone and Sirloin steaks are missing which give rise to the rumor that its a crime commited by a deranged butcher, Jack the Rippers reincarnation or the Chupacabra.

WHEN mount Popocatepetl erupted a few years ago, the government sent the Army up to the village closest to the crater (Xalizintla, Puebla)to conduct rehearsed evacuations as a safety matter. after the first trial evacuation many of the villagers refused to leave. I asked a few of them Why? and they said after they had been taken away in trucks to a town a hundred miles away and they went back…their goats disappeared. Was it goat rustlers, the army personell left behind or the Chupacabra?? No one seems to know.

 Anyway if you should see a Chupacabra …don’t say baaaa ! You’re courting disaster.

On the other hand, if you see a ghost…(an elderly wizened lady of 90 told me this… You should ask the ghost…”Where is the gold hidden?”