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The Hero of Nacozari


 In 1907 a young Mexican Train Engineer saw a train loaded with Dynamite sitting next to a storage house filled with dynamite catch on fire from sparks of a passing locomotive. He jumped in the cab of the train, gave it full throttle and roared out of town, just as he got clear of the main part of town the Dynamite exploded, 13 people including the engineer died in the blast but the rest of the town was saved thanks to the bravery of Jesus Garcia Corona.

 My wife was teaching English in The Hero of Nacozari High School in Apizaco, Tlaxcala and the Director asked her to prepare a  Commemorative Speech about the Hero of Nacozari in the following month for the 90th Anniversary of his death.  We couldnt find very much information in Apizaco so we decided to take a trip to Nacozari, Sonora where the copper mines were.

Upon arriving there the Mayor, the local historian and museum curater and many other people were most helpful in supplying us with an abundance of information.

 Jesus Garcia was 23 years old and engaged to be married. He was so well liked that the mining company rewarded him with a trip to the Worlds Fair in Saint Louis, Missouri.

 The morning of November 7th, 1907 as Jesus went to work, his engine was sitting in the freight yard loaded with 10,000 lbs. of dynamite and gun powder sitting next to a Storage house filled with dynamite, Waiting to be delivered to the copper mines. He heard shouts of “’s gonna blow”and without hesitation he jumped into the cab of the engine and gave it full throttle to get out of the town.the train exploded and eyewitnesses sait it rained gravel and metal fragments for several minutes. The only thing they found of Jesus was one of his boots.. which is interred at his gravesite in downtown Nacozari.

Every November 7th the railroad workers of Mexico have parades in his honor.

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The Palace of Cortes and the Tourist School


 About 60 years ago Tlaxcalan writer and historian Mr. Salazar Monroy decided to build a Tourist Hotel to promote Tourism in the town of Acuitlapilco located next to a lagoon on the outskirts of Tlaxcala.

He designed it with great flourishes of Prehispanic designs and tiled pictures depicting the history of the Tlaxcalan nation. Unfortunately local officials didnt agree with his ideas and created several roadblocks, stopping permits and finally sinking his plans. The Hotel went under and now years later it has been converted into a Tourist School.

And next door to the School we find the Palace of Cortes… Legend has it that Cortes and his mistress “Malinche” stayed here and would swim in the lagoon in the mornings.

 Most historians scoff at this story but there’s a plaque on the building placed there by a Governor Cisneros that says it once housed the image of the “Virgen of the Conquest”, an image that Hernan carried with him during his campaigns against the Aztecs.  The Image now rests in the San Franciscan Church in Puebla.

Whatever the case, the tiled pictures never lose their colorful luster and their history thanks to Mr. Salazar Monroy live on.


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Culture House Revolution Photos


 The Casa Cultura in Tlaxcala has a photo exhibit featiring Revolution & post Revolution photos. Its nice to take a peek at the past once in awhile.

Gen. Obregon, Panch Villa & Black Jack Pershing

 For instance here’s Obregon, Villa & Pershing, all on a friendly basis at the time…later on Pershing would chase Villa all over Mexico and never catch him. Sort of like chasing Osama Bin Laden these days.

Military Intelligence is sort of a contradictory term.

To see the Photo exhibit go to this link.



Puebla celebrated the 148th Anniversary of the defeat of French Invaders at the Battle of Cinco de Mayo  with a two hour Parade. Many bands, floats and Military personell marched in it.

Cinco de Mayo parade...Puebla, Mexico

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