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The dog that will lead you through Hell


The Florentine Codex of the XVIth Century says:  And the owner of the dead dog put a cloth collar on it and said… “Wait for me on the other side and help me to cross the nine rivers of the underworld”.

The xoloitzcuintli, the only dog of the aztecs was their companion in life as well as death. This canine came with the tribes across the Bering straits. It is hairless and weighs in at 18 to 25 pounds. It is on the verge of extinction as the ancient Aztecs considered them a great delicacy also and very few survived the gastronomical tastes of the Aztec Empire and the onslaught of Spanish Dogs that came in with the conquest.

Aztec Dogs... Xoloitzcuintli

 It was believed in precolombian times that if a woman didnt want to have more children she should feed the lastborn childs umbilical cord to a dog.

To see a fine group of these dogs go to the gardens of the Dorothy Olmedo Museum in Mexico City where they are raising them in an attempt to keep them from extinction.

Mexican caninesOlmeda Museum Mexico Cityplaque at the Dorothy Olmeda Museum in Mexico CityOlmeda Museum Mexico City