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On the 8th Day…..


God created chiles…..  I have a theory that Mexicans are happy and cheerful because when your body feels the pain of Capsicum, (the ingredient that makes chiles hot) it starts producing endorphins to combat the pain , which then brings about a feeling of euphoria.

Columbus brought back a few chiles and seeds from the Caribean but Cortes brought back a greater variety. Ninety per cent of the Worlds chiles started in Mexico. Upon reacing the Old World they were an instant success, Hybridization started immediately, Hungarian Paprika, Curry from India, Tabasco Sauce from Louisiana, Bell Peppers in the USA, and many Chinese and Asian dishes have a link to Mexicos Past.

During the Mexican – American War a young soldier from Louisiana stuffed a handful of red chiles in his pocket and took them home with him. This was the beginning of McIlhennys Tabasco Sauce Company a must have ingredient of Bloody Marys.

On the Average a Mexican will consume 15 pounds of fresh chiles and two pounds of dry chiles each year.

 My favorite Chile is the Chipotle, which in Nahuatl Indian language means “smoked chile”, a Chipotle is a Jalapeño that has been smoked and dried..

Poblano Chiles, which look like an elongated Bell Pepper, are used for the famous Pueblan Dish “Chiles en Nogada”or Stuffed chiles with Walnut cream sauce.   The Chile is roasted over open flames till its charred, then all the skin, seeds and veins are removed to make it mild. It is then stuffed with meats, pears apples, nuts, raisins and other fruits. then covered with walnut cream, pomegranate seeds and parsley leaves so it will have the colors of the flag. It was first prepared by Nuns in Puebla to celebrate a visit from the Emperor Iturbide.

When a Poblano chile is dried it becomes an Ancho Chile.

Chiles are rich in vitamin C, A & E and the lesser known vitamin P. It contains properties that help your skin, helps your heart and prevents many health problems. Chiles from the tropics are more pungent than from other places. Mexico produces 500 thousand tons of fresh chiles and 60 thousand tons of dry chiles annualy. So for a healthier happier life…Eat Chile Sauces.

Biologists say that there is one undeniable benefit  that Chiles offer, a benefit that increases fitness of those who eat chiles on a regular basis and consume chile powder, sauces and fresh pods and that is chiles reduce the voracity of microbes hiding in the food we eat and limit their capacity to poison us. So Bon Apetit !!!

heres my recipe for  VIVA ZAPATA SAUCE

10 jalapeños….   1 clove of garlic

1 small onion…. salt to taste…. juice of 3 limes..

blend everything at high speed except the lime juice.    then add lime juice and mix by hand… salt to taste if you like it milder deseed the jalapeños.

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