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Oaxaca… pronounced “Wa..Ha..Kah”



Oaxaca has its big celebration in July, called the “Guelaguetza”, lots of folklore dancing, colorful costumes and food. Theres many things that attract tourists to Oaxaca, its History, Benito Juarez was born there. He spoke no Spanish just the Zapoteca Indian language but was a brilliant kid and learned the language, went to law school and eventually became the President.

Other things that are attractive are the Archeological zones of Monte Alban & Mitla. Monte Alban was a great Zapotec ceremonial center that was established around 500B.C. , At its peak about a thousand years later it had a population of around 25000 people.

Monte Alban

Just a few miles away is theTule tree a mexican cypress tree that is over 2000 years old, it has a girth of  161 feet, stands 164 feet high, a veritable tree huggers delight.Besides that there are many crafts, natives dressed in native costumes and CHOCOLATE…nectar of the Gods.


…Oh yes, let us not forget …MEZCAL… with or without the worm… Mexicans tell me it can cure any ailment. 

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