Lost Wax Silver Jewelry


In the  town of Tlaxco, Tlaxcala We find the Silver workshop of Ms. Eva Martinez who has been making Colonial style jewelry replicas for the last 35 years. Ms. Martinez  goes  to museums and draws a copy of jewelry used in the Colonial period, then makes a wax sculpture of it in her workshop, covers it with clay with an opening, bakes it in her kiln, pours the melted wax out, (thus the lost wax concept), fills it with molten silver and Voila!! an exact replica.

to age the silver it is dipped in potasium sulfate.

 You can buy items of Colonial replicas at very reasonable prices and

take home a most unique gift that can’t be found anywhere else. Each piece is handcrafted with love and precision.

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Silver Jewelry, Cheese and Cocktails


Manso Maguey (Agave Plant)

 We recently visited the town of Tlaxco, Tlaxcala… a very quiet and pleasant town in the pine forest area of Tlaxcala,  Where we visited the Mayors Office, the Silver workshops of Eva Martinez , a cheese making factory and then had dinner and a tour at a pulque hacienda.

buying cheese at factory store

  We met the new Tourist Director at the Mayors office and he surprised us by making a cocktail that he invented called a “Rabbit”made from Tequila, Eggnog and Pepsi.  Then he told us of a few legends of the town.

 Afterward we went to the silver workshop of Eva Martinez where she makes reproductions of Colonial jewelry using the “Lost wax process”, several of the ladies in the tour group bought earrings.

Colonial Jewelry reproductions

 After dinner in the Hacienda  we took a tour of the Agave plantation to see how cactus juice is extracted and fermented.  Everyone had a great time. Wish you could’ve been there. !!!

more photos of the tour….