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Wasting away in Margaritaville…. lots of people get this idea in their head that they can just take off and  go to Mexico and sit it out on the beach  as long as they like… after about three weeks brutal reality shows up and the money runs out. then it’s back to the same old monotonous grind back home.


it was my own damned fault….It takes a special breed of cat to just up and change cultures, customs and habits… its romantic to say I’ll go to some Carribean beach and stay there forever or till I get over a broken heart. Aaaah !! to saddle up your bronco and ride across the Rio Grande with a posse hot on your trail.  Like Jimmy Hendrix said… “I’m goin way down South …Way down south to Mexico way…where I can be free.” party time

But if you use your head and play your cards right…you may end up someplace where the parties never cease.

Remember this…“Workers never hustle…. and Hustlers never work”

  See you in Margaritaville pal….!!!!

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