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 Free enterprise… seems like Mexico has more of it than the U.S., try to start a shoestring operation in the U.S. and you will immediately be strangled by red tape, regulations & power mad bureaucrats.

 In Mexico I see people start businesses with practically nothing, pure entrepreneurs, for example Ive seen people hang a sign outside their house that reads… comida corrida (homecooked meals)… or they wait till evening and open up a street corner taco stand to supplement a meager income.

Can’t do that in the U.S., I know, I know, the “authorities” are protecting YOU.

I think I’m smart enough to protect myself and save money while I’m doing it. last night the baked banana man came down the street selling his goods…isn’t this better than having him ask for welfare? Or crawling through the desert to be an illegal alien? check hm out.

baked bananas

a baked plantain, (Macho Banana)

check the video..