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 While out wandering around the countryside, we went to a town known for its dairy farms looking for cream and cheese. The owner of the dairy store told us there was an old hacienda about a mile away that had been recently renovated so we went to check it out. And he was right, it has been restored to its former glory and is now used for parties, wedding receptions and occasionaly they rent out rooms for overnight visitors. Its really a beautiful place and reminiscent of times that make you think of Zorro.

The dairy store also had flavored wines and canned flavored

pulque (cactus juice).

Hacienda Garden

canned pulquecream of capuchino licor

To see more of the Hacienda go to this link….

The Hideout


Yesterday we did a tour of Soltepec Hacienda, better known as\” La Escondida\” because a movie by that name was filmed there starring Mexican Actress, Maria Felix.

Entrance to The Hacienda

Entrance to The Hacienda

At its peak Soltepec was a livestock ranch and produced Pulque. Now it has been converted into a First Class Hotel with a lot of atmosphere.

Located about 3 miles from the town of Huamantla, Tlaxcala, it has everything you need for a pleasant weekend and plenty of tourist sites nearby that you can visit .

Hacienda dining room

Hacienda dining room

It has a restaurant, swimming pool (heated), a gymnasium, squash court,tennis court, billiard room,bar, snack bar, and rooms with jacuzzis, internet and large screen TV\’s. A terrific Panoramic view of the mountains.

They also have a website that you can check at:    http://www.HaciendaSoltepec.com

Also they are getting ready to open a 9 hole golf course.

And of course my services as a touristguide if you want to see historic places around the state.