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The Snows of Mexico


  This has been an unusual week, all the surrounding volcanoes have snow on them and a lot of snow. And I hear the South has been blanketed also. Southerners are completely lost when it snows and Mexicans even moreso. However todays a nice day, the suns shining and its about 62 degrees, theres still snow on the mountains.  I had to work in it a few times in the states, it’s pretty on a mountain top but I was in Grand Rapids one year and Chicago another…when it turns to black slush it ceases being pretty. Being from the South I’m lost in it…thats why I’m in Mexico.   See you folks after the Spring Thaw…..!!!!

Popocatepetl blowing off steam

Alans first snowball fight

Mike cools it in the forest around Popocatepetl

to see more photos of the snow on the volcanoes go to this link…