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Worlds Largest Mural…. The Polyforum

self portrait

self portrait

David Alfarp Siquieros…

Back in the 60’s Industrialist Manuel Suarez  started looking for a site to build a major business and cultural center which became the World Trade Center of mexico City Within the Complex but separated from it was a building completely covered by a mural  painted by World reknowned Muralist David Alfaro Siquieros . Manuel Suarez himself had studied in the Art Academy of San Carlos, the oldest art school in Mexico. He was the same age as Siquieros and both had been veterans in the Mexican Revolution. The Geometric form of the building is a diamond shape supported by four coloumns.  It was a dream come true for Siquieros, the total integration of architecture, painting and sculpture. The mural is made with acrylic  paint  , each of its panels has different symbolic meanings depicting the expressions of man and nature. In it Siquieros portrays these themes:

  • The Leader – the World marches on
  • The Environment – the leafless tree and the tree reborn
  • The acrobats
  • The masses
  • Decalogue
  • Christ
  • Indigenous People
  • Dance
  • Mythology
  • The Mingling of Races
  • Music
  • The Atom

Polyforum mural        Polyforum mural      Polyforum mural            Polyforum mural

The Mural is in a round room and you sit in a chair and the walls rotate around you.  An Amazing Mural that is a must see when in Mexico City.

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Back in the sixties the government, in preparation for the upcoming Olympic games of 1968 decided to start building the subway in Mexico City. While excavating in the downtown section of what is now known as Pino Suarez station they unearthed a round shaped pyramid. Actually my history professor would dispute that claim and tell me, “It’s not a pyramid it’s an altar built by the Mexica Indians around the 1400’s.”


Dedicated to Ehecatl the wind god.

Dedicated to Ehecatl the wind god.

It’s discovery presented a problem , the National Institute of Archeology and History ( INAH), intervened and after serious discussions metro officials signed an agreement to let the altar remain and allow INAH officials to preserve and maintain it.

So passageways were built around it, local fauna planted to spruce it up , river rocks and illumination were implemented. Now over 40 years later close to 200,000 people a day pass by this magnificent prehispanic monument on their way to work or daily routines. A touch of history to remind them of the past.

Mexico City Subway

Mexico City Subway


The METRO as the subway system is called has many locations that feature art, culture and history to see more check this link by Peter Davies…….


Dream of a Sunday afternoon in Alameda Park


Diego Rivera Mural

 If you visit Mexico City you don’t want to miss this mural by Diego Rivera that he painted in 1947. It measures 64.4 sq. meters, 4.17 meters high by 15.6 meters long, Originally it was in the vestibule of the Hotel Del Prado across the street from where the painting is now located. After the earthquake of 1985 the Hotel suffered irreparable damage and the painting was moved to its new location.

 It depicts the History of the Park as Diego recalled it in his childhood and mentions many historic references to it. We see Diego’s self portrait as a child strolling through the park holding the hand of a “Catrina” (Death) while dreaming of a perfect love, (Frida Kalo standing behind him.

a portion of the mural

 Also in the painting is Jose Marti, Father of Cuban Independence (tipping his hat), Jose Marti lived in Mexico for about a year, he was well known in the literary society as a poet. He wrote the words to the song, “Guantanamera”. He died in combat in Cuba in 1895. The “Catrina” (Death Figure) immortalized by the Painter Jose Posadas, standing to the right, wears a Boa of feathers shaped like a snake, prehispanic symbol of the plumed serpent, “Quetzalcoatl”. Standing behind Posadas is Ricardo Magon, Liberal Writer who was against the Dictator Porfirio Diaz. He was forced out of the Country but kept writing against the Tyranny of Diaz and was persecuted even in the U.S., he died in Prison in the States.

Gen. Winfield Scott

 General Scott, (known as “old fuss’n’ feathers”) during the Mexican American war, camped his troops in Alameda Park for almost two years.

Liberal Thinker, Ignacio Ramirez

One of the many figures in the mural, Diego added Ignacio Ramirez, who during a Conference at his Academy in 1836 had said “God does not Exist”, Diego painted this phrase into the mural, enraging the Catholic populace, a priest went to the hotel Del Prado and scratched the phrase out, Rivera came and repainted it in but later removed it because of the controversy.
There are more than a hundred historical figures in the mural, Diego loved color and many of his murals can be found in the National Palace, the Secretary of Public Education Offices & Bellas Artes.
One of my favorites is in Bellas Artes called, “Man in Charge of His Destiny”, The Murals there are a recreation of a mural he was commisioned to do in the Rockefeller Center in New York but were deemed too “left leaning” and destroyed.
check them out here:

Destiny mural


The CIA, John Foster Dulles, The United Fruit Company

  Exploitation of the fruit pickers in Central America, Rockefeller had the Mural destroyed, since he paid for it I guess he could do as he wished but Rivera recreated it in Mexico City.

Here’s the dream on a sunday afternoon in all its glory…..





ON TOUR–With Mexico Mystic


Last year, we asked Mexico Mystice and his equally knowledge spouse, Rachel, to “show us the town,” and they served up Mexico City (DF) on a platter to us.  Here are some photos from the first two days “of a three day tour.”

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Silversard, AKA, Genuine Tourist Reporting in from Baraboo, WI, USA


More about Mexico City





LATIN America Tower

LATIN America Tower

Mexico City is only 3 hours away by bus so every once in awhile I go there. It’s either the worlds most populated city are soon will be, I think Tokyo may still have an edge.

Because of it’s place in History, it was the Capital of the Aztec Empire, it still retains it’s Historical, Economical and Political Influence.

Mexico City has a population of 21 million and a “floating population” of about 3 million, that is people coming in and out of the city daily.

At the Central of Abastos Market (Supply Center), 30,000 tons of food arrives each day to feed this monster. There are 40,000 people working there and it covers 36 city blocks. There’s parking for 50,000 vehicles. It even has its own newspaper that posts present & future food prices. Even this isnt enough to feed the city and they have a huge “market on wheels” that goes to different locations around the city every day.

Amongst the many problems of the city is pollution. Someone once remarked that managing Mexico City was like trying to repair an airplane in flight.

Every day 43,000 cubic meters of fuel are burned, half of that is used by vehicles. For every public transport vehicle there are 40 private vehicles, as a result Mexico City has a “day without your car” law. depending on the number of a cars license tag its not allowed on the street one day of the week.

The subway known as the “metro”, was built by the French to accomodate people during the Olympics in 1968, More than 4 million people board the subway train at “Pantitlan” Station than all people who board Amtrack daily in all the U.S. . 3 and a half million people ride the subway each day at a cost of about 30cents a ticket, Sr. Citizens ride free.

Minibuses in Mexico City serve 8 million passengers every day.

One thousand planes a day land at Benito Juarez Airport in Mexico City. Private planes have to land at the Toluca Airport 40 miles away.

More than 2 million interstate buses a year arrive and leave Mexico City, there are 4 terminals of which T.A.P.O is the worlds largest & busiest bus station, the 2nd largest is C.A.P.U. bus staion in Puebla, Mexico , 150 miles South of Mexico City.

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Pulque Hacienda Tour


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Chapultepec Castle


If you’re in or close to Mexico City be sure to check out Chapultepec Castle. The oldest part of the Castle was built in 1758 and used as a fort. In 1841 it was converted into a military academy. It was the site of a final battle against invading American troops. twenty years later it was remodeled into the residence of President Porfirio Diaz & was the official residence of the presidents of Mexico until 1944. It now houses the National Museum of History, a great place to visit to see remnants from Mexicos past. Amongst the many things there you can see the elegant coaches of King Maximilian, and get a look at some of the castles room to see how Royalty lived.

When Napoleon 3rd withdrew his supporting troops, Max & his wife were given the choice to leave with them but Carlotta liked being a Queen & didnt like the idea of having her status lowered to Duchess so she convinved Maximillian to stay, this eventually cost him his life in front of a firing squad in Queretero.

Chapultepec is the only castle on this side of the world to have had a monarch living in it.

Maximillian's wheels

Maximillian's wheels

the dining room

the dining room