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A Guest Editorial by Genuine Tourist, Stephen Sardeson . . . . published without solicitation

Although Bob Cox, AKA, Mexico Mystic, would not “put his family out there,” I would like to share with readers how Mexico has been enriched by Bob, a one time, long time, illegal alien, South of the Border gringo, who has finally decided to “go straight.”

While young but not too foolish, Bob married a young lady from Puebla who new “better English” than the girl he first dated in Mexico. I guess it was the right call because the young lady, named Raquel, went on to be an accomplished English teacher in the Mexico federal school system for over 30 yrs.

In between “leaping over tall buildings with a single bound,” she also “pushed out” for him two children, named Michael and Claudia. Of course, Michael and Claudia both become fluent in Spanish and English, like their parents, and went on to give Bob and Raquel a total of 4 grandchildren who currently all live in Puebla.

You can see photos of both Bob and Raquel at –

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Dental Caravan in Mexico


 As a finishing touch on their Excursions in Mexico, the Genuine Tourists (Steve & Pat) went on a dental mission to a small village in the State of Puebla, along with many dentists, nurses, Doctors intrepreters and myself.

We saw many villagers who were in need of medical & dental assistance. It was very rustic but left us with a feeling of joy to be able to help them. Pat & Steve are back in the States now but hopefully we will be able to do something similar next year.

Steam coming from Mount Popocatepetl

to see more photos of the dental mission go to :


Termal Springs in Northern Puebla

Good Morning Mexico Mystic and “those listening from sea,” Word Press claims we can now post to our blogs using an email. So I though I would try it. I have attached a few photos of Mexico Mystic, AKA, Robert Cox, and Genuine Tourist, AKA, Stephen Sardeson, aka, Silversard, to test the photo gallery feature. Robert and his spouse Raquel are both registered and formally trained guides who can really get you to some nice places in Puebla and Tlaxcala. They also can meet you in other parts of Mexico and help you out too.Update — the photos I attached were removed from the email when it posted to the blog, so I will have to check on that feature.   I decided to insert three of them directly into the blog which you can see below.

Mexico Mystic and Genuine Tourist

Mexico Mystic and Genuine Tourist

Spouses With Us

Spouses With Us

Mexico Mystic and Genuine Tourist and catus juice

Mexico Mystic and Genuine Tourist and catus juice


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Pulque Hacuenda Tour

Pulque Hacienda Tour


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