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Lost Wax Silver Jewelry


In the  town of Tlaxco, Tlaxcala We find the Silver workshop of Ms. Eva Martinez who has been making Colonial style jewelry replicas for the last 35 years. Ms. Martinez  goes  to museums and draws a copy of jewelry used in the Colonial period, then makes a wax sculpture of it in her workshop, covers it with clay with an opening, bakes it in her kiln, pours the melted wax out, (thus the lost wax concept), fills it with molten silver and Voila!! an exact replica.

to age the silver it is dipped in potasium sulfate.

 You can buy items of Colonial replicas at very reasonable prices and

take home a most unique gift that can’t be found anywhere else. Each piece is handcrafted with love and precision.

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Xicohtencatl the younger

 Just a couple of kilometers from Tlaxcala is the village of Tizatlan. 1n the  late 1400’s to early 1500’s this was the Military Headquarters of the Tlaxcalan Army. They had a military training School there (sort of a PreColombian West Point). It was also the location of Senator Xicohtencatls Castle. Archeologists began excavating the ruins in 1927.

St. Stevens Church

 A visit to the Village will thrill you with an Archeological zone, an early Colonial Church & Open Chapel with 500 year old murals, the Church was built with stones taken from the old prehispanic castle. And around the area you will now find many woodcarving craftsmen, they carve many things but their specialty is walking canes.

open chapel murals

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Culture House Revolution Photos


 The Casa Cultura in Tlaxcala has a photo exhibit featiring Revolution & post Revolution photos. Its nice to take a peek at the past once in awhile.

Gen. Obregon, Panch Villa & Black Jack Pershing

 For instance here’s Obregon, Villa & Pershing, all on a friendly basis at the time…later on Pershing would chase Villa all over Mexico and never catch him. Sort of like chasing Osama Bin Laden these days.

Military Intelligence is sort of a contradictory term.

To see the Photo exhibit go to this link.


The Hideout


Yesterday we did a tour of Soltepec Hacienda, better known as\” La Escondida\” because a movie by that name was filmed there starring Mexican Actress, Maria Felix.

Entrance to The Hacienda

Entrance to The Hacienda

At its peak Soltepec was a livestock ranch and produced Pulque. Now it has been converted into a First Class Hotel with a lot of atmosphere.

Located about 3 miles from the town of Huamantla, Tlaxcala, it has everything you need for a pleasant weekend and plenty of tourist sites nearby that you can visit .

Hacienda dining room

Hacienda dining room

It has a restaurant, swimming pool (heated), a gymnasium, squash court,tennis court, billiard room,bar, snack bar, and rooms with jacuzzis, internet and large screen TV\’s. A terrific Panoramic view of the mountains.

They also have a website that you can check at:    http://www.HaciendaSoltepec.com

Also they are getting ready to open a 9 hole golf course.

And of course my services as a touristguide if you want to see historic places around the state.

Tours around Tlaxcala


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Pulque Hacuenda Tour

Pulque Hacienda Tour


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