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going to the MO


Back last Spring Steve (my blog partner), his wife Pat and myself went to visit some American expats and fellow bloggers in Xico, Veracruz. Steve by the way is quite ill and if you know him drop him a line.

Anyway,  as it turned out there were no hotel rooms available in Xico so we went towards Coatepec and our friend John told us he knew someone who owned a Motel not too far away and we could probably find rooms there.

Now if you know Mexico you’ll know that the word Motel  has sinister connotations, the majority of them arent meant for overnight stays but are basically used for romantic rendevous or unfaithful “trysts”.


But any port in a storm right? So we went and they had rooms available… during the night I felt as if someone were staring at me so I cut on the light and behold!!! It was me…there was a mirror over the bed.

Even more unusual there was a HUGE Istitution size roll of toilet paper in a dispenser right beside the bed….hmmmm! Should I take a crap in the bed????

I discussed this with Steve the next day….  Amazing, he said, “Theres no Toilet Paper in the bathrooms in Mexico but there’s paper besides the beds”.

And to top it off, when we left the next morning to go find a place to eat breakfast, a guy selling tortillas passed by and stared at us… I could just see what was going through his mind…”What are these three Senior Citizens doing coming out of this motel together??? Perverts!!!!

Just another adventure in Mejico Majico….!!!!