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Xicohtencatl the younger

 Just a couple of kilometers from Tlaxcala is the village of Tizatlan. 1n the  late 1400’s to early 1500’s this was the Military Headquarters of the Tlaxcalan Army. They had a military training School there (sort of a PreColombian West Point). It was also the location of Senator Xicohtencatls Castle. Archeologists began excavating the ruins in 1927.

St. Stevens Church

 A visit to the Village will thrill you with an Archeological zone, an early Colonial Church & Open Chapel with 500 year old murals, the Church was built with stones taken from the old prehispanic castle. And around the area you will now find many woodcarving craftsmen, they carve many things but their specialty is walking canes.

open chapel murals

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