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Culture House Revolution Photos


 The Casa Cultura in Tlaxcala has a photo exhibit featiring Revolution & post Revolution photos. Its nice to take a peek at the past once in awhile.

Gen. Obregon, Panch Villa & Black Jack Pershing

 For instance here’s Obregon, Villa & Pershing, all on a friendly basis at the time…later on Pershing would chase Villa all over Mexico and never catch him. Sort of like chasing Osama Bin Laden these days.

Military Intelligence is sort of a contradictory term.

To see the Photo exhibit go to this link.



The Revolution (Part #2)


 Once the initial volley was over Porfirio Diaz saw he no longer had control & took a steamer to Europe. There were many factions fighting for control, Pancho Villa in the North, Zapata in the South , Carranza & Obregon wound up controlling most of Mexico.

Madero was assassinated by Huerta, Obregon turned against Carranza, Huerta became interim President while conspiring with U.S. Ambassador Henry Lane Wilson. Wilson & Huerta were both alcoholics, bottle brothers fraternity.  The Carranza Government crashed & He & his cohorts grabbed all the gold they could & hightailed it towards Veracruz. To no avail, Carranza was assassinated in Tlaxcalantongo, Puebla.

 Obregon became President and a restless peace followed.

Fransisco Madero

An interesting sidenote: Madero was the first head of state to fly in an airplane.  November 30th, 1911.It was a French plane called a Deperdussin.

Gen. Huerta

General Obregon

General Obregon lost his right arm in the Revolution. One of the great minds, he started educational reform , hired Vasconcelos as Secretary of Education, Mexican Muralism saw its greatest thrust during the 20’s. Obregon was assassinated in 1928 by a fanatical catholic who didnt like the way Catholics were treated. (Seperation of Church & State).

An interesting note: The worlds first aerial bombardment took place off the coast of Sinaloa when a warship of Obregons was being attacked by 2 warships of Huerta. A Mexican pilot in a biplane drove them off by bombing them.

Pancho Villa...easy rider

Here’s Pancho on an “Indian” motorcycle.

Pancho was assassinated

 Machine gunned in an ambush… Pancho was driving a Dodge.. No Japanese riceburners for him. His last words were… Dont let me go this way…tell them I said something…

To see more go to this link to read Historian Jim Tucks account of the Revolution..


The Revolution (part 1)


The Mexican Revolution’s Centenial is right around the corner, November the 18th to be exact and if you’re in Mexico you can expect plenty of fireworks and parties.

Many Americans confuse “Independence Day” (Sept. 16th) Of which the Bicentenial occurs this year with the revolution and the French Invasion, (cinco de Mayo). Anyway these are all seperate events. The Revolution  is easier to check up on….more parties, confetti throwing, fireworks & hangovers will hardly end before Revolution Day comes along . There were more reporters, newspapers , telegraphs, telephones & the film industry were in their infancy, so its easier to find facts.

 And the American Government meddled in the conflict also, several Americans joined up to fight in the Revolution also and were threatened with loss of American citizenship for doing so.

Here are some of the players in this program:

James Creelman...American Reporter

 James Creelman, an American Reporter inadvertantly created a spark to ignite the revolution. During an interview with Dictator Porfirio Diaz he asked, ” Do you plan on continuing in the Presidency?”  Diaz had been President for 30 years. “I’m getting old, ” he said, ” And I would welcome new parties”  This was just PR to calm talk in the USA. But influential Mexican intellectuals believed it to be true & formed “anti reelectionist parties which Diaz ruthlessly tried to eliminate.

The powder keg blew when the police attacked the home of Aquiles Serdan and killed several people  on November 18th, 1910. The next day fighting broke out all over the country.

Aquiles Serdan

 The home of the Serdan family , now a museum still has bullet holes in its facade. located in the Historic District of Puebla, Mexico.

the Serdan House (Revolution Museum)


 Pacho Villa was leading Revolutionaries in the North & Emiliano Zapata was in the South.

Pancho Villa


At one point they teamed up and occupied Mexico City.

Villa & Zapata in Mexico City.

 To get an even more in depth insight as to what was happening, go to the following link and read Historian Jim Tucks account of the Revolution in “Mex Connect”.


Stay tuned for part 2….



Emiliano Zapata

Zapatas sword

 The military museum in Puebla has expanded their exhibits in celebration of cinco de mayo. Very interesting pistols on display. A Sgt. Gerardo gave us a tour of the facility and everything was spit & shine correct.

They’re closed on mondays but operate the other 6 days.

tuesday to friday…from 10:00 AM to 10 PM.

Saturday from 10 AM till 1:00 PM.

Sunday… from  10 AM till 4:00 PM.

Entrance is free.

located at 4 Poniente no. 516,  Historic District

Puebla, Mexico


They have 6 exhibition rooms featuring;

*childhood of General Zaragoza


*History of the Reform War

*Ministry of War

*The Battle of Cinco de Mayo

*The Evolution of the Mexican Flag

They also have a Library, an audio visual salon & a videoteca.

To see more go to this link: