Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico

El Presidente  (the orange one), says he’s going to release documents about JFK’s assassination this week . Hah! we’ll see about that. Analysts say there probably won’t be much new material except maybe some things about Oswalds journey to Mexico. Some sources claim he never came but it looks like there was a lot of finagling going on.

After reading all the theories and reports,etc; because I’ve lived amongst Mexicans and get a feel as to what’s a coverup and what has a tinge of truth about it I think he did come to Mexico, we may never get the whole story but you can put pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together and get an idea even if pieces are missing.

It was said… Oswald took a bus to Mexico City and stayed about a week. He stayed at the Comercio Hotel.


I don’t think this place exists, it either went out of  business or went down with the earthquake, it was a dump, about $5 bucks a night in 1963.

reports say Oswald called the Russian Embassy and the Cuban Embassy and went to talk to them. Both places were closely watched and phone calls monitored 24/7, photos taken of anyone entering or leaving. Mexico City was a hotbed of intrigue back then just like Berlin, the Cold war was in full swing.

   The Cuban Embassy 1963

   The Russian Embassy 1963

Then WHERE are photos of Lee Harvey??  After the assassination a photo of a man leaving the Cuban Embassy claiming to be Oswald surfaced.

    No  way!! I think it was a “Red Herring” Another strange thing was the phone calls, the call to the Cuban Embassy asking for an appointment was in perfect Spanish, Oswald didnt speak Spanish…OK, maybe he had someone make the call for him, could be, he was seen at the Quaker Organization Residence (they sent missionaries to Latin America) someone said an unknown Quaker gave Oswald  a ride to the Russian Embassy on a motorcycle. Later it was revealed that the CIA recruited field agents and placed them there from the main office in Pennsylvania. (Odd Coincidence?) Then there was a call to the Russian Embassy in broken Russian but Oswald spoke perfect Russian because of his stay in Russia. Then who was it? Also rumored that Oswald met with Valery Kostikov a Russian KGB Agent .      Oswald in ’63.

According to Mexican Secretary named Sylvia who worked at the Cuban Embassy Oswald wanted a transit Visa from Cuba to Russia but was told it couldnt be done from Mexico City, he left in anger but returned the next day and was denied a visa again. Now here is something that happened that has a ring of truth about it… She told him… MAYBE if you get a letter asking for support from some big name in the Communist Party it would help expedite the situation. Now we hear several rumors that are unconfirmed but very possibly accurate. Oswald was in Mexico another 4 days. He was seen at the University of Mexico (A place loaded with Marxist at the time) where students were having a TWIST PARTY (Chubby Checker was the rage at the time).


It was also rumored someone from the Cuban Embassy was at the party and had said: “That damned Kennedy should be killed” Did Oswald hear that and did it plant the seed of an idea in his brain? Now what happened we don’t know but the person who swore she saw him at the party was no other than the wife of Octavio Paz a very famous and well known Author. Whatever, Oswald returned to Dallas and we all know what happened that November in 1963.


So my theory is Chubby Checker had something to do with it. Maybe we’ll get some answers next week but I hear many Politicians are trying to block opening the documents claimng it would be a security breach.

4 thoughts on “Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico

  1. Ahhh let me see… 49 years ago would have been about when the conspiracy “theory” took hold and our hero came south? MMMHMMMM! Thanks Bob and BTW… Happy Birthday!

  2. New Orleans People saw a lot of things only few
    people came out against odds when fear face them in the face.Jack Martin pistol whipped Guy Banister 11-22-1963Jack Martin came out news cospiracy as he toldFriends that Guy Banister & David Ferrie involvedin the JFK Kennedy Assassination.Jack Martin knew all the characters.
    David Lewis D.O.B 5/12/1940 D.O.D.5/5/1997.
    David Lewis originally questioned Dec 14,1966.
    Louis Ivon interrogated David F Lewis office.
    W. Guy Banister hired people in his office.
    David F Lewis worked for Guy Banister.(off/on)
    Inbetween Lewis Employment compensation benefits. (David Lewis stated late Summer 1963 I was report Lousiana Employment Office at 601
    Camp Street New Orleans (near Newman building)David Lewis met Lee Harvey Oswald thru Banister/Jack Martin as David Lewis by now known
    as a temporary investigator when they needed him.
    David Lewis claims he saw Lee Harvey Oswald
    in the Newman building in the Mancuso Restaurant,
    544 Camp Street – 531 Lafayette (st) Place ,
    which is the W. Guy Banisters & Associates.
    W.Guy Banister March 7,1901-June 6,1964.
    Lous Ivon asked David Lewis (question) How many times have seen Lee Harvey Oswald? (answer) No more than 4 times.(fact is David Lewis admits seeing Lee Harvey Oswald) Remenber the Leaflets That Lee Harvey Oswald hand out were stamped 544 Camp Street New Orleans.
    In 1963 W.Guy Banister, David Ferrie, began working for lawyer ,G.Wray Gill and his client Carlos
    Marcello.Then have Anna Lewis utube video saying,She and Husband was at 500 club with Lee and Judyth owned by Carlos Marcello. Anna lewis didnt profit from a book nor from any thing she said she is credible even if she isnt einstein .Anna said She was waitress Thompson that where Lee & Judyth would meet her and Husband David Lewis.
    Then have Judyth in highway to Hell cook up poisons & Have affair married man with 1 child and baby on the way with wife barefoot pregnant which some times makes it uncomfortable marital relations so Judyth filled in so Lee to have his funtimes. Judyth is no saint she left home got involved boys had a unplanned pregnancy .Judyth didnt come out closet til 2003 after undividuals have all disappeared the fear has subsided & she profit from from admit she summer affair with lee.
    Judyth even Said Lee claim Ferrie tried but failed.
    No man would admit another man molested as kid?
    McAdams will not admit some people tell the truth but they sometimes don’t tell the whole truth but
    that don’t take away from the fact what they had did show that Lee Harvey Oswald had cospirators.
    JFK researchers can’t fight between each others cause facts is right there but big wheels don’t want
    to admit to the truth so they’ll forever hide truth?
    New Orleans Group show cospiracy was going on.

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