The Hero of Nacozari


 In 1907 a young Mexican Train Engineer saw a train loaded with Dynamite sitting next to a storage house filled with dynamite catch on fire from sparks of a passing locomotive. He jumped in the cab of the train, gave it full throttle and roared out of town, just as he got clear of the main part of town the Dynamite exploded, 13 people including the engineer died in the blast but the rest of the town was saved thanks to the bravery of Jesus Garcia Corona.

 My wife was teaching English in The Hero of Nacozari High School in Apizaco, Tlaxcala and the Director asked her to prepare a  Commemorative Speech about the Hero of Nacozari in the following month for the 90th Anniversary of his death.  We couldnt find very much information in Apizaco so we decided to take a trip to Nacozari, Sonora where the copper mines were.

Upon arriving there the Mayor, the local historian and museum curater and many other people were most helpful in supplying us with an abundance of information.

 Jesus Garcia was 23 years old and engaged to be married. He was so well liked that the mining company rewarded him with a trip to the Worlds Fair in Saint Louis, Missouri.

 The morning of November 7th, 1907 as Jesus went to work, his engine was sitting in the freight yard loaded with 10,000 lbs. of dynamite and gun powder sitting next to a Storage house filled with dynamite, Waiting to be delivered to the copper mines. He heard shouts of “’s gonna blow”and without hesitation he jumped into the cab of the engine and gave it full throttle to get out of the town.the train exploded and eyewitnesses sait it rained gravel and metal fragments for several minutes. The only thing they found of Jesus was one of his boots.. which is interred at his gravesite in downtown Nacozari.

Every November 7th the railroad workers of Mexico have parades in his honor.

To see more photos of the town and the site of the explosion click on this link….

Popocatepetl… The Smoking Mountain


Mount Popo has been acting up in the last Month, although today there was just a wisp of vapor coming out of the crater. I hear that a dome of lava has formed inside the crater that just has a small crack in it through which gas, water vapor and ash comes out. That is dangerous, pressure could build up and it could blow big time.

last month it was very dramatic when fire and incandescent rocks flew out of the crater.

Natives in towns near the crater affectionately call the Volcano,  “Don Gregorio”. The Army has bases around nearby towns to evacuate them in case of a large eruption.

to see more photos go to this link….

To see up to the minute Volcanic monitors go to this link…..

On the 8th Day…..


God created chiles…..  I have a theory that Mexicans are happy and cheerful because when your body feels the pain of Capsicum, (the ingredient that makes chiles hot) it starts producing endorphins to combat the pain , which then brings about a feeling of euphoria.

Columbus brought back a few chiles and seeds from the Caribean but Cortes brought back a greater variety. Ninety per cent of the Worlds chiles started in Mexico. Upon reacing the Old World they were an instant success, Hybridization started immediately, Hungarian Paprika, Curry from India, Tabasco Sauce from Louisiana, Bell Peppers in the USA, and many Chinese and Asian dishes have a link to Mexicos Past.

During the Mexican – American War a young soldier from Louisiana stuffed a handful of red chiles in his pocket and took them home with him. This was the beginning of McIlhennys Tabasco Sauce Company a must have ingredient of Bloody Marys.

On the Average a Mexican will consume 15 pounds of fresh chiles and two pounds of dry chiles each year.

 My favorite Chile is the Chipotle, which in Nahuatl Indian language means “smoked chile”, a Chipotle is a Jalapeño that has been smoked and dried..

Poblano Chiles, which look like an elongated Bell Pepper, are used for the famous Pueblan Dish “Chiles en Nogada”or Stuffed chiles with Walnut cream sauce.   The Chile is roasted over open flames till its charred, then all the skin, seeds and veins are removed to make it mild. It is then stuffed with meats, pears apples, nuts, raisins and other fruits. then covered with walnut cream, pomegranate seeds and parsley leaves so it will have the colors of the flag. It was first prepared by Nuns in Puebla to celebrate a visit from the Emperor Iturbide.

When a Poblano chile is dried it becomes an Ancho Chile.

Chiles are rich in vitamin C, A & E and the lesser known vitamin P. It contains properties that help your skin, helps your heart and prevents many health problems. Chiles from the tropics are more pungent than from other places. Mexico produces 500 thousand tons of fresh chiles and 60 thousand tons of dry chiles annualy. So for a healthier happier life…Eat Chile Sauces.

Biologists say that there is one undeniable benefit  that Chiles offer, a benefit that increases fitness of those who eat chiles on a regular basis and consume chile powder, sauces and fresh pods and that is chiles reduce the voracity of microbes hiding in the food we eat and limit their capacity to poison us. So Bon Apetit !!!

heres my recipe for  VIVA ZAPATA SAUCE

10 jalapeños….   1 clove of garlic

1 small onion…. salt to taste…. juice of 3 limes..

blend everything at high speed except the lime juice.    then add lime juice and mix by hand… salt to taste if you like it milder deseed the jalapeños.

To see more photos go to this link…

and read this articleñ

2011 in review


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.


Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 34,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 13 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Why Fred Waring should have a statue in Mexico


 In case you don’t know who Fred Waring was, he was a famous band director back in the early 40’s who had a band called Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians. One of his Hit Songs was “You have to be a Football Hero”.

Band leader Fred Waring

   Now as far as I know Mr. Waring never came to Mexico but his contributions as an inventor helped save thousands of Mexican housewives from the drudgery of this………..


Grinding and blending by handand this……

A Colonial hand blender… And They should have a special day for Fred because he invented this……

and saved them thousands of hours of toil…..3 cheers for Fred Waring…. !!!Maybe someday he will have a statue put up for him in the Zona Rosa.

The Palace of Cortes and the Tourist School


 About 60 years ago Tlaxcalan writer and historian Mr. Salazar Monroy decided to build a Tourist Hotel to promote Tourism in the town of Acuitlapilco located next to a lagoon on the outskirts of Tlaxcala.

He designed it with great flourishes of Prehispanic designs and tiled pictures depicting the history of the Tlaxcalan nation. Unfortunately local officials didnt agree with his ideas and created several roadblocks, stopping permits and finally sinking his plans. The Hotel went under and now years later it has been converted into a Tourist School.

And next door to the School we find the Palace of Cortes… Legend has it that Cortes and his mistress “Malinche” stayed here and would swim in the lagoon in the mornings.

 Most historians scoff at this story but there’s a plaque on the building placed there by a Governor Cisneros that says it once housed the image of the “Virgen of the Conquest”, an image that Hernan carried with him during his campaigns against the Aztecs.  The Image now rests in the San Franciscan Church in Puebla.

Whatever the case, the tiled pictures never lose their colorful luster and their history thanks to Mr. Salazar Monroy live on.


To see more of this famous building and site click on the following link…..

Lost Wax Silver Jewelry


In the  town of Tlaxco, Tlaxcala We find the Silver workshop of Ms. Eva Martinez who has been making Colonial style jewelry replicas for the last 35 years. Ms. Martinez  goes  to museums and draws a copy of jewelry used in the Colonial period, then makes a wax sculpture of it in her workshop, covers it with clay with an opening, bakes it in her kiln, pours the melted wax out, (thus the lost wax concept), fills it with molten silver and Voila!! an exact replica.

to age the silver it is dipped in potasium sulfate.

 You can buy items of Colonial replicas at very reasonable prices and

take home a most unique gift that can’t be found anywhere else. Each piece is handcrafted with love and precision.

To see more of this workshop click on this link…..

The Best Things In Life….


great choreography

 Quite often they really are free. Today we dropped by the Culture House in Puebla and saw a live performance of a Band called Bandula. And they were very good, great muisic, good costumes and a terrific performance, … price of admission FREE!!  This occurs so often here in Mexico, We find performers who love their country and are very patriotic, enough so they will perform free so working people and families can enjoy their music also.

Singing group “BANDULA”.

So we had a very enjoyable afternoon along with a lot of other families.

To see more photos of this event click on these links…

Mexican Bakeries



the Sweet taste of Mexico


My wife & I lived in Georgia for awhile…I asked her..”What do you miss most of all from Mexico?”  She told me…”Pan Dulces” (sweet breads). And she is right , they are soooo tempting and appetizing.

 You can find bakeries all over Mexico, Big ones and small Mom & Pop bakeries that make the most exquisite breads. The Spanish brought wheat to Mexico and the art of baking and the French came along and polished it up.

My favorite are Bear Claws…….

Pan Dulces,  shortcake and Bear Claws with chocolate.

To see more Bakery photos check this link….

Hmmmmmmm…. pass the hot chocolate please.

The dog that will lead you through Hell


The Florentine Codex of the XVIth Century says:  And the owner of the dead dog put a cloth collar on it and said… “Wait for me on the other side and help me to cross the nine rivers of the underworld”.

The xoloitzcuintli, the only dog of the aztecs was their companion in life as well as death. This canine came with the tribes across the Bering straits. It is hairless and weighs in at 18 to 25 pounds. It is on the verge of extinction as the ancient Aztecs considered them a great delicacy also and very few survived the gastronomical tastes of the Aztec Empire and the onslaught of Spanish Dogs that came in with the conquest.

Aztec Dogs... Xoloitzcuintli

 It was believed in precolombian times that if a woman didnt want to have more children she should feed the lastborn childs umbilical cord to a dog.

To see a fine group of these dogs go to the gardens of the Dorothy Olmedo Museum in Mexico City where they are raising them in an attempt to keep them from extinction.

Mexican caninesOlmeda Museum Mexico Cityplaque at the Dorothy Olmeda Museum in Mexico CityOlmeda Museum Mexico City



Josh makes a new flic


filming the plague victims

So my grandson Joshua  has made a new film in his Cinematography class… it’s in spanish but you can probably follow the storyline… basically its sci fi and scientists meddling with nanobot technology have unleashed a plague on the world by accident, almost everyone’s dead with a few exceptions.

checking the script

 Here we see the Cinematography Professor, my son Mike in camo and Josh discussing the script. Josh and myself scouted out locations the week before looking for isolated places to film.

Later Josh received a Diploma of Special Recognition for his film from the Tlaxcala Cultural Institute.

Josh receives award.

to see the film go to this link…

Getting a Criminal Background Check


I know…I haven’t been here for awhile. I’ve been in a tsunami of red tape. Amazingly enough the wonderful, technologically advanced USA has given me the most grief… You can have all the computers you want but if they’re ran by the Planet of the Apes you are going to have problems. And that’s what happened. I needed a Birth Certificate from my Home State of Georgia, so I checked the net and saw their website, followed instructions and sent off details of my mom’s maiden name, etc. & $25 bucks. So not wanting to befuddle their weak redneck brains by saying I live in Mexico I told them to mail it to my cousins house in San Antonio… It showed up a week later… this was in January, My Cuz FedXed it to me.. (another $25 bucks).. It got here I presented it to Mexican Authorities and they said…”But it has to have an Apostille”… “Whats that”.. Ïts a special seal that the Stae Department puts on Documents to show they’re genuine.”  Note: ( This is more Government Bullshit to bleed money from  its beleagured citizens) . So I call a friend in Atlanta… Can you take this down and ask for an Apostille?  “Yes”… I send it… A week later he calls… they say they cant accept it because the Signature on the Birth Certificate is rubber stamped not signed in ink.    So he goes to Vital Statistics to get one in ink.   They tell him No we cant do that… he talks to 3 different people and gets 3 different answers.  I call twice … now a month has passed .. finally someone at the main office says mail it to us.  I tell my friend.. just drop in an an envelope with a return envelope to your house.  “I hope they don’t throw it in the trash “he says.

Well its not worth a crap anyway so we have nothing to lose.

Ten Days later it shows up in TEXAS at my cousins…. but it’s now signed in ink … So I tell my cuz, ” send it to the Apostille office with 3 bucks and a return envelope and let us pray that something happens and God will intervene. ”

Ten days later it shows up with the Apostille seal  so my cuz FedX’s it to me and it shows up in Mexico 4 days later….   Total time wasted by Dummies in Georgia .. 3 months… cost just over $100 bucks.   Burrocrats!!! lots of burros.


burro- crats .


So now I have to get a Federal Mexican Criminal backgroud check…. got to go to Mexico City to get it so I get up at 6:30 along with my wife and we catch a bus to the BIG TAMALE… get there at  9AM , catch a cab to the location and they tell me No we dont do those here you have to go to a different location about 20 blocks away. 


metro bus mexico city


 Finally after two bus rides we find the place and there are 250 people already in line waiting for the same thing. OK. so after about an hour someone  comes down the line checking papers and we go into the main building. Another line… 250 people in front of me 200 behind me. They wouldnt let my wife come in with me. after ten minutes two Federal Police with machine guns come down and said,” Is Robert Cox here?

The long arm of the law

  ”  Yeah thats me, I’m wondering whats going on. They said “come with us”. we start outside and they said, “Wait here”. At the front of the line, My wife was stading at the front door, She said , “I told them it wasnt right to make a person of your age to wait so long, so they’re putting you at the front.”  The Fuzz, said “OK., You can go in, twenty at a time… we went in, in 5 minutes they gave me my Background check paper and said, we’ll check you out later and if we find something wrong we’ll arrest you in a day or two.”    OK, Thanks boys and may God protect you from Drug Cartels supported by American Drug Addicts”

yahoo !!

ERIN GO BRAGH….. wear some green lads



March 17th is right around the corner and yes we’ll be celebrating in Mexico…. What?  You think there’s no Irishmen here… well not many but there will be a commemoration in Mexico City and Puebla as there are monuments there honoring the “Saint Patricks Battallion”.




Who were they??

About 200 Irishmen who had immigrated to the U.S. in hopes of finding the    “American Dream” were recruited into the American Army and sent to Mexico to fight against the Mexicans in the Mexican American War. After getting to Mexico they realized they were fighting against people who were more like themselves and changed sides. At the end of the campaign as Chapultepec Castle fell they were hanged as traitors.

check out this ballad…. 

Have a Happy Saint Patricks Day…….   Kiss me I’m Irish !!!

An Irish Toast


Irish Proverb

An Irish Curse

Silver Jewelry, Cheese and Cocktails


Manso Maguey (Agave Plant)

 We recently visited the town of Tlaxco, Tlaxcala… a very quiet and pleasant town in the pine forest area of Tlaxcala,  Where we visited the Mayors Office, the Silver workshops of Eva Martinez , a cheese making factory and then had dinner and a tour at a pulque hacienda.

buying cheese at factory store

  We met the new Tourist Director at the Mayors office and he surprised us by making a cocktail that he invented called a “Rabbit”made from Tequila, Eggnog and Pepsi.  Then he told us of a few legends of the town.

 Afterward we went to the silver workshop of Eva Martinez where she makes reproductions of Colonial jewelry using the “Lost wax process”, several of the ladies in the tour group bought earrings.

Colonial Jewelry reproductions

 After dinner in the Hacienda  we took a tour of the Agave plantation to see how cactus juice is extracted and fermented.  Everyone had a great time. Wish you could’ve been there. !!!

more photos of the tour….



Wasting away in Margaritaville…. lots of people get this idea in their head that they can just take off and  go to Mexico and sit it out on the beach  as long as they like… after about three weeks brutal reality shows up and the money runs out. then it’s back to the same old monotonous grind back home.


it was my own damned fault….It takes a special breed of cat to just up and change cultures, customs and habits… its romantic to say I’ll go to some Carribean beach and stay there forever or till I get over a broken heart. Aaaah !! to saddle up your bronco and ride across the Rio Grande with a posse hot on your trail.  Like Jimmy Hendrix said… “I’m goin way down South …Way down south to Mexico way…where I can be free.” party time

But if you use your head and play your cards right…you may end up someplace where the parties never cease.

Remember this…“Workers never hustle…. and Hustlers never work”

  See you in Margaritaville pal….!!!!

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Immigration Day in Mexico



 I know… I disappeared for awhile. Ï ve been cutting through red tape… getting

The American Table

my immigration papers in order. The Mexican Immigration Dept, threw a party as they do every year for migrants and 22 nations participated. My wife and I along with 4 other Americans, Stuart and Gretchen, Brandon and April had the American representation. Each Nation brought something typical from their countries. We had Muffins and umpkin Pie and Gretchen brought Deviled eggs.

Hopefully this will be my last year as a Migrant and I will become a Citizen by the end of this year.

Check out the party photos…..

2010 in review


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The Christmas Eve Plant



Raquel with Poinsettas

 Christmas is a short time away so we took a trip to Atlixco, Puebla and visited several greenhouses…there are more than 300 in the area.

 Noche Buena flowers are in full bloom now, better known in the States as “Poinsettas”. American Ambassador  Joel Poinsett of South Carolina carried them back to the States with him and Named them after himself…Vain lad… he was declared personna non grata in Mexico,  not for renaming the flower but for meddling in Mexican politics. He offered ten million dollars for Texas but was turned down…Mexico wound up loosing it anyway…they should’ve took the ten Million.

So we went to several greenhouses and  were amazed at the variety of flowers on hand. Atlixco is at a lower altitude than Tlaxcala where we live, so the temperature is always about ten degrees warmer there.

Bob with "Noche Buena" plant..cost $2 dollars.

I’m not good at identifying flowers…maybe you can name them…

Some plants have price tags… the price is in Pesos…A peso is worth 12 cents…figure it out…

Check out this link to see more of the flowers of Atlixco……

Charros… Mexican Cowboys


Mama don’t let your sons grow up to be cowboys…. Thats what Willie Nelson sings.  But if you go to a Charreada, a Mexican Style Rodeo you will get to see some fine horsemanship.

Charros...Mexican Cowboys

Herna Cortez  entered Mexico in 1519 with 400 soldiers and 16 horses. When the Aztecs saw them they thought they were one being, like Centaurs, half man half horse. A fearsome sight for someone who had  never seen a horse before. At first only Tlaxcalans were allowed to ride horses, because of their alliance with the Spaniards. But very soon the Indigenous people of Mexico were riding , training and handling horses with great skill.

The Charras, Mexican Cowgirls also put on a very colorful performance…

Mexican Cowgirls

And while riding sidesaddle at that.

Charra..Mexican cowgirl

Working the cattle ranches in Mexico during the XVIth Century they developed the techniques that were shared with American Cowboys over a hundred years later. 

rope twirling

Charreadas are the true Mexican Sport, The Tlaxcalan Fair opened last week and will have several days of Charreadas to see more photos of this event go to the following link….

mammograms in the park


 So I woke up this morning and heard a big hullabaloo in the park and went over to investigate. The City had set up bioscan truck and were giving free mammograms.

free mammograms


 There was quite a large crowd and seeing as how the Doctors were having a hard time I offered my services with my own mammogram machine… but they didnt appreciate it and even threatened to call the gendarmes….



Some people are just sooooooo unappreciative…

hmmmm…. maybe I’ll use this at the Halloween costume party.

going to the MO


Back last Spring Steve (my blog partner), his wife Pat and myself went to visit some American expats and fellow bloggers in Xico, Veracruz. Steve by the way is quite ill and if you know him drop him a line.

Anyway,  as it turned out there were no hotel rooms available in Xico so we went towards Coatepec and our friend John told us he knew someone who owned a Motel not too far away and we could probably find rooms there.

Now if you know Mexico you’ll know that the word Motel  has sinister connotations, the majority of them arent meant for overnight stays but are basically used for romantic rendevous or unfaithful “trysts”.


But any port in a storm right? So we went and they had rooms available… during the night I felt as if someone were staring at me so I cut on the light and behold!!! It was me…there was a mirror over the bed.

Even more unusual there was a HUGE Istitution size roll of toilet paper in a dispenser right beside the bed….hmmmm! Should I take a crap in the bed????

I discussed this with Steve the next day….  Amazing, he said, “Theres no Toilet Paper in the bathrooms in Mexico but there’s paper besides the beds”.

And to top it off, when we left the next morning to go find a place to eat breakfast, a guy selling tortillas passed by and stared at us… I could just see what was going through his mind…”What are these three Senior Citizens doing coming out of this motel together??? Perverts!!!!

Just another adventure in Mejico Majico….!!!!

La Laguna Hacienda


 We’re planning an excursion to an old hacienda that raises fighting bulls next October. It was in it’s prime in the late 1800’s with the advent of the railroad. Now it has been restored and it’s one of the best renovated haciendas in the state of Tlaxcala.

old hacienda

Mr. Rojas...Hacienda owner

 Here are some photos of our last visit with a group……

A great place to have a wedding or a special party…. they treated us all like family.



 While out wandering around the countryside, we went to a town known for its dairy farms looking for cream and cheese. The owner of the dairy store told us there was an old hacienda about a mile away that had been recently renovated so we went to check it out. And he was right, it has been restored to its former glory and is now used for parties, wedding receptions and occasionaly they rent out rooms for overnight visitors. Its really a beautiful place and reminiscent of times that make you think of Zorro.

The dairy store also had flavored wines and canned flavored

pulque (cactus juice).

Hacienda Garden

canned pulquecream of capuchino licor

To see more of the Hacienda go to this link….

Free Concert


Argentine pianist Raul Di Blasio gave a performance at the Convention Center in Tlaxcala  on August 10th,It was a free Concert sponsored by Social Security in honor of their 50th Anniversary in Mexico. About 1800 people showed up and everyone seemed to enjoy it. There was a lot of Audience participation and Mr. Di Blasio gave a brilliant performance.

Raul Di Blasio

Douglas from New York on keyboards

 To see more pictures and a video go here…

and here…..



Xicohtencatl the younger

 Just a couple of kilometers from Tlaxcala is the village of Tizatlan. 1n the  late 1400’s to early 1500’s this was the Military Headquarters of the Tlaxcalan Army. They had a military training School there (sort of a PreColombian West Point). It was also the location of Senator Xicohtencatls Castle. Archeologists began excavating the ruins in 1927.

St. Stevens Church

 A visit to the Village will thrill you with an Archeological zone, an early Colonial Church & Open Chapel with 500 year old murals, the Church was built with stones taken from the old prehispanic castle. And around the area you will now find many woodcarving craftsmen, they carve many things but their specialty is walking canes.

open chapel murals

check out more photos here….


Culture House Revolution Photos


 The Casa Cultura in Tlaxcala has a photo exhibit featiring Revolution & post Revolution photos. Its nice to take a peek at the past once in awhile.

Gen. Obregon, Panch Villa & Black Jack Pershing

 For instance here’s Obregon, Villa & Pershing, all on a friendly basis at the time…later on Pershing would chase Villa all over Mexico and never catch him. Sort of like chasing Osama Bin Laden these days.

Military Intelligence is sort of a contradictory term.

To see the Photo exhibit go to this link.

The Revolution (Part #2)


 Once the initial volley was over Porfirio Diaz saw he no longer had control & took a steamer to Europe. There were many factions fighting for control, Pancho Villa in the North, Zapata in the South , Carranza & Obregon wound up controlling most of Mexico.

Madero was assassinated by Huerta, Obregon turned against Carranza, Huerta became interim President while conspiring with U.S. Ambassador Henry Lane Wilson. Wilson & Huerta were both alcoholics, bottle brothers fraternity.  The Carranza Government crashed & He & his cohorts grabbed all the gold they could & hightailed it towards Veracruz. To no avail, Carranza was assassinated in Tlaxcalantongo, Puebla.

 Obregon became President and a restless peace followed.

Fransisco Madero

An interesting sidenote: Madero was the first head of state to fly in an airplane.  November 30th, 1911.It was a French plane called a Deperdussin.

Gen. Huerta

General Obregon

General Obregon lost his right arm in the Revolution. One of the great minds, he started educational reform , hired Vasconcelos as Secretary of Education, Mexican Muralism saw its greatest thrust during the 20’s. Obregon was assassinated in 1928 by a fanatical catholic who didnt like the way Catholics were treated. (Seperation of Church & State).

An interesting note: The worlds first aerial bombardment took place off the coast of Sinaloa when a warship of Obregons was being attacked by 2 warships of Huerta. A Mexican pilot in a biplane drove them off by bombing them.

Pancho Villa...easy rider

Here’s Pancho on an “Indian” motorcycle.

Pancho was assassinated

 Machine gunned in an ambush… Pancho was driving a Dodge.. No Japanese riceburners for him. His last words were… Dont let me go this way…tell them I said something…

To see more go to this link to read Historian Jim Tucks account of the Revolution..

The Revolution (part 1)


The Mexican Revolution’s Centenial is right around the corner, November the 18th to be exact and if you’re in Mexico you can expect plenty of fireworks and parties.

Many Americans confuse “Independence Day” (Sept. 16th) Of which the Bicentenial occurs this year with the revolution and the French Invasion, (cinco de Mayo). Anyway these are all seperate events. The Revolution  is easier to check up on….more parties, confetti throwing, fireworks & hangovers will hardly end before Revolution Day comes along . There were more reporters, newspapers , telegraphs, telephones & the film industry were in their infancy, so its easier to find facts.

 And the American Government meddled in the conflict also, several Americans joined up to fight in the Revolution also and were threatened with loss of American citizenship for doing so.

Here are some of the players in this program:

James Creelman...American Reporter

 James Creelman, an American Reporter inadvertantly created a spark to ignite the revolution. During an interview with Dictator Porfirio Diaz he asked, ” Do you plan on continuing in the Presidency?”  Diaz had been President for 30 years. “I’m getting old, ” he said, ” And I would welcome new parties”  This was just PR to calm talk in the USA. But influential Mexican intellectuals believed it to be true & formed “anti reelectionist parties which Diaz ruthlessly tried to eliminate.

The powder keg blew when the police attacked the home of Aquiles Serdan and killed several people  on November 18th, 1910. The next day fighting broke out all over the country.

Aquiles Serdan

 The home of the Serdan family , now a museum still has bullet holes in its facade. located in the Historic District of Puebla, Mexico.

the Serdan House (Revolution Museum)


 Pacho Villa was leading Revolutionaries in the North & Emiliano Zapata was in the South.

Pancho Villa


At one point they teamed up and occupied Mexico City.

Villa & Zapata in Mexico City.

 To get an even more in depth insight as to what was happening, go to the following link and read Historian Jim Tucks account of the Revolution in “Mex Connect”.

Stay tuned for part 2….



This is one of those not much happening days. So make a Margarita & relax.

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A visit to Xalapa & Santa Anas Hacienda


 Last march the  Sardesons (genuine tourist) and I took a trip to Xalapa to check out expats hiding out in the jungle. Along the way we visited Xico & Coatepec and had a great time meeting people who havent been scared off by the negative press propaganda north of the border.

Xico waterfalls


Mr. & Mrs. Calypso

We had the honor of meeting fellow blogger Juan Calypso and his wife and several other expats around the area. Afterwards we took a tour of  “El Lencero” Hacienda Museum that had been the home of General Santa Ana…yes the infamous Santa Ana of the Alamo.  It is a fantastic hacienda that is now a state run museum that has been beautifully restored

Santa Anas Hacienda

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I told my wife a joke about Mexicans… Why do Mexicans always eat refried beans?  Because they can’t cook them right the first time.

” That’s not funny,” she said.    Well maybe not, its kind of corny. But I’ve got to a point where I can tell a joke in Spanish and they laugh. Or maybe they’re laughing at my accent??

 Humor is in the eye of the beholder… They say things that I don’t consider funny also. But sometimes they can be very funny.

I like British dry humor also. My wife doesnt connect at all with that, she doesnt like Mr. Bean. I use to be in Show Biz & there were always a bunch of Show girls from all parts of the world, I recall talking to some English girls one day & mentioned British Humor & one of them asked, “What British comedians did I watch”. I told her “Benny Hill”.” Bullshit”, she said, “You just like to watch the girls run around in their knickers”.  Well.. maybe so, I kind of enjoyed that also.

Benny Hill & entourage

 Poor Benny, he got canned over a sexual harrassment suit.

Our boy Benny

 Sometimes in Mexico you see things that aren’t suppose to be funny but are… for instance theres a couple of Magazines that are like the Super market scandal sheets you see in the States, but a lot more grafic, called ALARMA & ORALE!!! Orale roughly means “How About That”. One day I see an article on the front page of ALARMA that said, “Man has sex with chicken”…claims it was the best he’d ever had in his life!! with a picture of a guy that looked like he just came off the Jerry Springer Show.

And sometimes in the course of normal conversation people say funny things. One day I heard two news photographers arguing, one said you are such a low life proletarian. The other said, ” You are so common, you’re more common than animal crackers at Christmas time.”

If you’ve lived long enough in Mexico and watch kids break pinatas at christmas time you will understand that.

Some of my favorite Mexican comedians are:  Hector Suarez…


This may be more inflamatory than Memin Pinguin…

Hector as, "No Hay...No Hay"

 Another very innovative comedian is Andres Bustamante, better known as Guiri-Guiri ..


And two other funny stand up comics are JO JO JORGE FALCON and  POLO POLO.  More for adult audiences.




So here is one of my first joke attempts……. in Spanish….

quien fue los tres peores PRESIDENTES en el mundo ??





(My wife said.. Thats not  funny either !!!!)

Oaxaca… pronounced “Wa..Ha..Kah”



Oaxaca has its big celebration in July, called the “Guelaguetza”, lots of folklore dancing, colorful costumes and food. Theres many things that attract tourists to Oaxaca, its History, Benito Juarez was born there. He spoke no Spanish just the Zapoteca Indian language but was a brilliant kid and learned the language, went to law school and eventually became the President.

Other things that are attractive are the Archeological zones of Monte Alban & Mitla. Monte Alban was a great Zapotec ceremonial center that was established around 500B.C. , At its peak about a thousand years later it had a population of around 25000 people.

Monte Alban

Just a few miles away is theTule tree a mexican cypress tree that is over 2000 years old, it has a girth of  161 feet, stands 164 feet high, a veritable tree huggers delight.Besides that there are many crafts, natives dressed in native costumes and CHOCOLATE…nectar of the Gods.


…Oh yes, let us not forget …MEZCAL… with or without the worm… Mexicans tell me it can cure any ailment. 

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Dream of a Sunday afternoon in Alameda Park


Diego Rivera Mural

 If you visit Mexico City you don’t want to miss this mural by Diego Rivera that he painted in 1947. It measures 64.4 sq. meters, 4.17 meters high by 15.6 meters long, Originally it was in the vestibule of the Hotel Del Prado across the street from where the painting is now located. After the earthquake of 1985 the Hotel suffered irreparable damage and the painting was moved to its new location.

 It depicts the History of the Park as Diego recalled it in his childhood and mentions many historic references to it. We see Diego’s self portrait as a child strolling through the park holding the hand of a “Catrina” (Death) while dreaming of a perfect love, (Frida Kalo standing behind him.

a portion of the mural

 Also in the painting is Jose Marti, Father of Cuban Independence (tipping his hat), Jose Marti lived in Mexico for about a year, he was well known in the literary society as a poet. He wrote the words to the song, “Guantanamera”. He died in combat in Cuba in 1895. The “Catrina” (Death Figure) immortalized by the Painter Jose Posadas, standing to the right, wears a Boa of feathers shaped like a snake, prehispanic symbol of the plumed serpent, “Quetzalcoatl”. Standing behind Posadas is Ricardo Magon, Liberal Writer who was against the Dictator Porfirio Diaz. He was forced out of the Country but kept writing against the Tyranny of Diaz and was persecuted even in the U.S., he died in Prison in the States.

Gen. Winfield Scott

 General Scott, (known as “old fuss’n’ feathers”) during the Mexican American war, camped his troops in Alameda Park for almost two years.

Liberal Thinker, Ignacio Ramirez

One of the many figures in the mural, Diego added Ignacio Ramirez, who during a Conference at his Academy in 1836 had said “God does not Exist”, Diego painted this phrase into the mural, enraging the Catholic populace, a priest went to the hotel Del Prado and scratched the phrase out, Rivera came and repainted it in but later removed it because of the controversy.
There are more than a hundred historical figures in the mural, Diego loved color and many of his murals can be found in the National Palace, the Secretary of Public Education Offices & Bellas Artes.
One of my favorites is in Bellas Artes called, “Man in Charge of His Destiny”, The Murals there are a recreation of a mural he was commisioned to do in the Rockefeller Center in New York but were deemed too “left leaning” and destroyed.
check them out here:

Destiny mural


The CIA, John Foster Dulles, The United Fruit Company

  Exploitation of the fruit pickers in Central America, Rockefeller had the Mural destroyed, since he paid for it I guess he could do as he wished but Rivera recreated it in Mexico City.

Here’s the dream on a sunday afternoon in all its glory…..





Tarzan in Mexico


 Yes Tarzan lived in Mexico… in Acapulco to be exact.  Johnny Weismuller loved Mexico enough that he bought a house overlooking Acapulco Bay and continued living there until he died at the age of 84.  Mr. Weismuller won many gold medals in the olympics. He was married to Mexican spitfire actress Lupe Velez who was also a lover of Diego Rivera, they were  married from 1933 till 1939. Hollywood moguls thought it would be better if Johnny was single as he was a very masculine star, so they offered Lupe ten grand if she would accept a divorce.   Johnny was married five times.  He bought the Flamingo Hotel and was in partnership with John Wayne. It was a hot spot to visit for movie stars and was frequented by Red Skelton, Richard Widmark, Liz Taylor, Gary Cooper, Errol Flynn and Lana Turner.

Johnny also made a number of movies in which he played “Jungle Jim”.


Tarzan downs a brew

 As you can see here, Tarzan wasnt such a prude that he didnt mind downing a beer.

 Johnny died at the age of 84 in Acapulco  on January 21st of 1984.  A recording of his Tarzan yell was played at the graveside. He was buried at Panteon Valle de Luz in Acapulco. The American Ambassador John Gavin attended the funeral.

the Tarzan yell


 Legend has it that once while  Johnny was   playing golf in Cuba, some of Fidels rebels came down out of the mountains intending to kidnap him  and when he saw them he let out with his famous Tarzan yell. The rebels were in awe of him & instead of kidnapping him they escorted him back safely to his hotel.

North Sierra Madre Eco Tour


 What is it about waterfalls and gurgling mountain streams that relaxes a person ? Sort of like white sound when the TV goes off and its just a hiss that lulls you into lala land.

We went into the mountains & checked out waterfalls and had a picnic the other day…it sure was relaxing to get away from traffic street noise, that kind of stuff will stress you out.

The Tuliman Falls Ecological Area

It was  very peaceful and even as guides we also enjoyed it…communing with nature… I didn’t hug any trees but I still dug it !!

Some of the Falls

 Check this  video out…..

Check out all the photos at this link:

ON TOUR–With Mexico Mystic


Last year, we asked Mexico Mystice and his equally knowledge spouse, Rachel, to “show us the town,” and they served up Mexico City (DF) on a platter to us.  Here are some photos from the first two days “of a three day tour.”

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Silversard, AKA, Genuine Tourist Reporting in from Baraboo, WI, USA




Puebla celebrated the 148th Anniversary of the defeat of French Invaders at the Battle of Cinco de Mayo  with a two hour Parade. Many bands, floats and Military personell marched in it.

Cinco de Mayo parade...Puebla, Mexico

To see more of the parade go to this link….



A Guest Editorial by Genuine Tourist, Stephen Sardeson . . . . published without solicitation

Although Bob Cox, AKA, Mexico Mystic, would not “put his family out there,” I would like to share with readers how Mexico has been enriched by Bob, a one time, long time, illegal alien, South of the Border gringo, who has finally decided to “go straight.”

While young but not too foolish, Bob married a young lady from Puebla who new “better English” than the girl he first dated in Mexico. I guess it was the right call because the young lady, named Raquel, went on to be an accomplished English teacher in the Mexico federal school system for over 30 yrs.

In between “leaping over tall buildings with a single bound,” she also “pushed out” for him two children, named Michael and Claudia. Of course, Michael and Claudia both become fluent in Spanish and English, like their parents, and went on to give Bob and Raquel a total of 4 grandchildren who currently all live in Puebla.

You can see photos of both Bob and Raquel at –
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Emiliano Zapata

Zapatas sword

 The military museum in Puebla has expanded their exhibits in celebration of cinco de mayo. Very interesting pistols on display. A Sgt. Gerardo gave us a tour of the facility and everything was spit & shine correct.

They’re closed on mondays but operate the other 6 days.

tuesday to friday…from 10:00 AM to 10 PM.

Saturday from 10 AM till 1:00 PM.

Sunday… from  10 AM till 4:00 PM.

Entrance is free.

located at 4 Poniente no. 516,  Historic District

Puebla, Mexico


They have 6 exhibition rooms featuring;

*childhood of General Zaragoza


*History of the Reform War

*Ministry of War

*The Battle of Cinco de Mayo

*The Evolution of the Mexican Flag

They also have a Library, an audio visual salon & a videoteca.

To see more go to this link:



 Free enterprise… seems like Mexico has more of it than the U.S., try to start a shoestring operation in the U.S. and you will immediately be strangled by red tape, regulations & power mad bureaucrats.

 In Mexico I see people start businesses with practically nothing, pure entrepreneurs, for example Ive seen people hang a sign outside their house that reads… comida corrida (homecooked meals)… or they wait till evening and open up a street corner taco stand to supplement a meager income.

Can’t do that in the U.S., I know, I know, the “authorities” are protecting YOU.

I think I’m smart enough to protect myself and save money while I’m doing it. last night the baked banana man came down the street selling his goods…isn’t this better than having him ask for welfare? Or crawling through the desert to be an illegal alien? check hm out.

baked bananas

a baked plantain, (Macho Banana)

check the video..



 Last Friday I had the honor of giving a tour of the Town I live in to the Director (Lic. Fernando Juarez)   of INTEC (A school of Computation), some Teachers & Students. It’s not often that anyone wants to tour Apizaco as it is more of an industrial city than a tourist area, but there are a few interesting things to see.

 Apizaco in Nahuatl language means place of thin water or literally “little creek”, it was started by railroad workers in 1866 who were building the first railroad line from Veracruz to Mexico City. At that time is was little more than a camp for the workers. So most of Apizacos history is based around the railroad. They built workshops and a roundhouse and little did they realize back then that it would become a thriving city.

mini train at mayors office

        When the first trains started running in Mexico Benito Juarez came down on it to inaugarate the station in Puebla, it did an astounding maximum speed of 32 kilometers per hour. He stopped in Apizaco where he was given a 21 canon salute. And with the modernizing of the transport system it caused a boom in business, suddenly ranchers could get there cattle to market more efficiently, pulque (cactus juice) sales soared , the sport of bullfighting reached new heights, all kinds of new businesses bloomed.

 Crime also modernized, on February 20th of 1870, a group of armed horsemen robbed the train of 2700 pesos (pesos were gold back then) and watches, rings, etc., by a bandit leader named  Sotero Lozano. As he was departing he gave the Conductor a signed receipt for the amount robbed.  Why he did that I have no idea…..maybe he thought if he was caught he would tell the judge he intended paying it back ??

 Just 3 weeks later the train was robbed again by a group of bandits lead by Paulino Noriega… this time no receipt. The railroad learned its lessen and the next trains carried a contingent of armed soldiers, thus ending the robberies.

 On the tour we visited the Basilica of the Virgen of Mercy, the monument of Railroad Hero, Jesus Garcia who jumped aboard a train of gunpowder and roared out of town (the town of Nacozari, Sonora) and died in a tremendous explosion but saved the town., also we visited the train museum, a miniature train exhibit and the railroad union offices where we were greeted by the Secretary General in charge of the Railway Workers Union, (Mr. Pedro Stevenson) and his brother Marco Antonio Stevenson who explained the murals in the building and train history.

 Retired Railway Worker  Don Ruben Leon told us many interesting anecdotes & stories about his work with  the railroad in Apizaco.

the basilica of the virgen of mercy

Hanging out of the caboose

 To see more of our tour of Apizaco, go to this link……  

Dental Caravan in Mexico


 As a finishing touch on their Excursions in Mexico, the Genuine Tourists (Steve & Pat) went on a dental mission to a small village in the State of Puebla, along with many dentists, nurses, Doctors intrepreters and myself.

We saw many villagers who were in need of medical & dental assistance. It was very rustic but left us with a feeling of joy to be able to help them. Pat & Steve are back in the States now but hopefully we will be able to do something similar next year.

Steam coming from Mount Popocatepetl

to see more photos of the dental mission go to :

Mountain Medical Mission


Heres more photos on our Mission trip to the Sierra Mountains. The weather was cold but the people were warmhearted. About 30 Dr.s & nurses showed up and half of them went further up in the Mountains to a Village called Ixtepec while we stayed in the village of Tatoxcac and saw about 500 people . check the photos.

Bob & Dr. Boyce


our first patient was a 2 day old baby girl who was in good shape but needed a checkup.


Dr. Boyce sees another patient

 go to this link to see more photos.

Going to a movie


 The genuine tourist & his wife were in town so we decide to take in a movie. Here you can see what a horrible theatre we went to… They kept bugging us before the show started asking if we wanted a Margarita or a Martini (extra dry).   Life is Hard South of the Border.

At the Movies...I'll have a Tequila Sunrise !!

Steve relaxing after a hard day browsing through the Mall

V.I.P. Movie Theatre at ·Angelopolis" in Puebla, Mexico

 I don’t know if I can stand much more of this primitive living.

The movie was “Desde mi Cielo” (“Lovely Bones”).

The Snows of Mexico


  This has been an unusual week, all the surrounding volcanoes have snow on them and a lot of snow. And I hear the South has been blanketed also. Southerners are completely lost when it snows and Mexicans even moreso. However todays a nice day, the suns shining and its about 62 degrees, theres still snow on the mountains.  I had to work in it a few times in the states, it’s pretty on a mountain top but I was in Grand Rapids one year and Chicago another…when it turns to black slush it ceases being pretty. Being from the South I’m lost in it…thats why I’m in Mexico.   See you folks after the Spring Thaw…..!!!!

Popocatepetl blowing off steam

Alans first snowball fight

Mike cools it in the forest around Popocatepetl

to see more photos of the snow on the volcanoes go to this link…

E.T. Phone Home


worlds largest milimetric telescope

 The University of Massachussets and the National Astrophysics Institute of Puebla are carrying out a joint venture with the Worlds largest Radio Telescope located on  Top of Sierra Negra Mountain at an altitude of 4,850 meters above sea level near Ciudad Serdan , Puebla,

large millimeter telescope

 They will be studying primitive stars, comets , organic molecules and satellite atmospheres.

extra terrestials on the brink of discovery??

mt. sierra negra and the pico of orizaba

work on the telescope started in 2006 and was just recently finished, Tests are being run every day by scientists and astronomers from different parts of the world.

 The Telescope cost close to 350 million dollars to build, the reflective disc is about 150 feet in diameter, a highly sensitive instrument to chart the universe.

for more info check this link…

New Years Day in Mexico City


 I wanted to go to Ixtapa to lay on the Beach but all the Airlines were loaded, all the Beach Hotels had reached capacity…so I thought..Hell…everybody left Mexico City, thats the place to go.

And I was right…plenty of hotels and lots of places to visit.

the little horse

graffiti in Mexico City

attacked by "Predator"

templo mayor archeological zone

 We went to the Templo Mayor in downtown Mexico City…it was great.

Then we saw the worlds largest Christmas tree…it got into the Guiness world book of records, 99 meters tall, over a million lights.

Hope everyone has a good new year….check the links for more photos…

Also got to see some huge meteorites in the mining museum…

meteorites..found in chihuahan desert



If I have a choice between regular white cirn tortillas and blue tortillas, I will definitely buy blue ones. The taste is much better.
The oldest corn ever found was some burnt kernels in a cave in Tehuacan Puebla, carbon dated as several thousand years ago. It’s thought that the Otomie Indians first cultivated it.
It looks black but it’s really dark blue.

The Tortilla makers….

More than ZIPPO Lighters


Sometimes my wife tells me ….”You’re just a bum in the park, even worse, you’re a Circus Bum”.

Well, maybe so , I was on the Circus for a long time. But even a circus bum gets to rub elbows with the rich and famous sometimes. Let me tell you about  when I was in Show Biz.  In 1962 I was on the Cristiani Wallace Circus, Italian Brothers with a famous riding act and tons of talent. We were playing in Pennsylvania, I was on the Concessions Crew.


The Cristiani Riding Act

bob circus

Yeah that was me, 22 years old and full of testerone.


We were in Bradford , Pennsylvania, A town famous for ZIPPO Lighters, but I ran into something interesting there and this is how it came about. We were setting up the tent and someone yelled at one of the aerial ballet girls, ” Happy Birthday Juanita”. A lady standing nearby said, Oh, is it your birthday darling, I’m going to help you celebrate. Well this lady bought wine and a cake and invited anyone who would like to come to her home.  Between shows I decided I would go and check it out, I caught a cab and went to the adress, it was a huge mansion and I went inside and they were serving wine. I looked around and there were paintings covering the walls, I was looking at one of several mostly blue figures when the lady said to me, My husband collects artwork, those are all Picassos when he was painting his Blue Period.

hsnley4   Mrs. Hanley in her home.HANLEY and the Train

The Hanleys receiving some Art pieces.

The painting looked so fresh I touched it. Later I heard it was painted about 1904.  There were also Manets and Cezannes hanging in the room.

Mrs, Hanley (Tullah) was born in Hungary, Her Twin sister was also at the party, there was a gong in the corner ,I couldnt resist , I rang it. Tullah started doing a belly dance. She laughed and said she and her sister once did a strip tease act. Mr. Hanley came in, he looked very aristocratic. I had another glass of wine and looked at the time. I told Tullak, Thanks for the wine its getting close to show time I have to go. As I walked out the door another guy who had came in with Mr. Hanley was also leaving and said he was passing by the circus and could give me a ride. He got into a brand new Caddilac. As we were going along I asked him What kind of work he was in and he said He was the Director of State Income Tax. And What about Mr. Hanley, I asked?
He said, “He’s an heir to Quaker State Oil”

Then he said something that surprised me and I thought about what he said for years. He said to me, ” You’ve got it made”. I asked , “What do you mean?”

He said, “You work outdoors under open skies, in the fresh air, you meet interesting people, you travel all year to new places and you’re surrounded by beautiful women.”  I thought, well. yes thats true. And I said, “Well, come join us, they’re always looking for help and you have a  talent obviously for book keeping.”

He said, ” Oh no, I have too much invested here to do that”.  Ah heres the Circus, I got out and thanked him. Later I thought about that conversation. He was wealthy and I was a circus bum….but I had something that he would like to have and couldn’t…it was a thing called Freedom.  It’s like the Kris Kristofferson song , Bobby McGee” that says:  Freedom’s just another word for Nothing Left to Lose.

Sometimes even  a circus bum gets to rub elbows with the rich.

I heard years later that a Picasso painting and a Manet was stolen from their home valued at more than a million dollars but were recovered when the thieves abandoned them in an old shack. Mr. Hanley passed away a few years later and his wife passed away in 1992. She donateed many works of art to museums. She said “Out of all my husbands collections I’m the one he likes to brag about”
I can jus imagine Mr. Hanley waiting at the back stage entrance with a bouquet of roses for Tullahs act to finish.


A couple of years later I was in Bradford again and I spotted  someone I thought was Tullah and I said, “Hello Mrs. Hanley”.   She said, No, I’m her twin sister Amy” So I took her in the Big Top and got her a ringside seat.  Some people even if they’re rich still have the courtesy to talk and act decently toward lower classes, something you rarely see anymore.



Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico


El Presidente  (the orange one), says he’s going to release documents about JFK’s assassination this week . Hah! we’ll see about that. Analysts say there probably won’t be much new material except maybe some things about Oswalds journey to Mexico. Some sources claim he never came but it looks like there was a lot of finagling going on.

After reading all the theories and reports,etc; because I’ve lived amongst Mexicans and get a feel as to what’s a coverup and what has a tinge of truth about it I think he did come to Mexico, we may never get the whole story but you can put pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together and get an idea even if pieces are missing.

It was said… Oswald took a bus to Mexico City and stayed about a week. He stayed at the Comercio Hotel.


I don’t think this place exists, it either went out of  business or went down with the earthquake, it was a dump, about $5 bucks a night in 1963.

reports say Oswald called the Russian Embassy and the Cuban Embassy and went to talk to them. Both places were closely watched and phone calls monitored 24/7, photos taken of anyone entering or leaving. Mexico City was a hotbed of intrigue back then just like Berlin, the Cold war was in full swing.

   The Cuban Embassy 1963

   The Russian Embassy 1963

Then WHERE are photos of Lee Harvey??  After the assassination a photo of a man leaving the Cuban Embassy claiming to be Oswald surfaced.

    No  way!! I think it was a “Red Herring” Another strange thing was the phone calls, the call to the Cuban Embassy asking for an appointment was in perfect Spanish, Oswald didnt speak Spanish…OK, maybe he had someone make the call for him, could be, he was seen at the Quaker Organization Residence (they sent missionaries to Latin America) someone said an unknown Quaker gave Oswald  a ride to the Russian Embassy on a motorcycle. Later it was revealed that the CIA recruited field agents and placed them there from the main office in Pennsylvania. (Odd Coincidence?) Then there was a call to the Russian Embassy in broken Russian but Oswald spoke perfect Russian because of his stay in Russia. Then who was it? Also rumored that Oswald met with Valery Kostikov a Russian KGB Agent .      Oswald in ’63.

According to Mexican Secretary named Sylvia who worked at the Cuban Embassy Oswald wanted a transit Visa from Cuba to Russia but was told it couldnt be done from Mexico City, he left in anger but returned the next day and was denied a visa again. Now here is something that happened that has a ring of truth about it… She told him… MAYBE if you get a letter asking for support from some big name in the Communist Party it would help expedite the situation. Now we hear several rumors that are unconfirmed but very possibly accurate. Oswald was in Mexico another 4 days. He was seen at the University of Mexico (A place loaded with Marxist at the time) where students were having a TWIST PARTY (Chubby Checker was the rage at the time).


It was also rumored someone from the Cuban Embassy was at the party and had said: “That damned Kennedy should be killed” Did Oswald hear that and did it plant the seed of an idea in his brain? Now what happened we don’t know but the person who swore she saw him at the party was no other than the wife of Octavio Paz a very famous and well known Author. Whatever, Oswald returned to Dallas and we all know what happened that November in 1963.


So my theory is Chubby Checker had something to do with it. Maybe we’ll get some answers next week but I hear many Politicians are trying to block opening the documents claimng it would be a security breach.