Chapultepec Castle


If you’re in or close to Mexico City be sure to check out Chapultepec Castle. The oldest part of the Castle was built in 1758 and used as a fort. In 1841 it was converted into a military academy. It was the site of a final battle against invading American troops. twenty years later it was remodeled into the residence of President Porfirio Diaz & was the official residence of the presidents of Mexico until 1944. It now houses the National Museum of History, a great place to visit to see remnants from Mexicos past. Amongst the many things there you can see the elegant coaches of King Maximilian, and get a look at some of the castles room to see how Royalty lived.

When Napoleon 3rd withdrew his supporting troops, Max & his wife were given the choice to leave with them but Carlotta liked being a Queen & didnt like the idea of having her status lowered to Duchess so she convinved Maximillian to stay, this eventually cost him his life in front of a firing squad in Queretero.

Chapultepec is the only castle on this side of the world to have had a monarch living in it.

Maximillian's wheels

Maximillian's wheels

the dining room

the dining room


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  1. Chapultepec is a MUST see when visiting Mexico City. It is the ONE place I would visit if I had only one day in Mexico City. Also, one must go up to the very top of it to see the beautiful gardens, sculpture, and paintings, not to mention the top two actual floors. It is just a treasure trove, AKA, Mexico’s National Treasurer. It is also filled with courage of young military cadets, the last defenders of Mexico agains a trumpted up USA invasion . . . nothing has changed in war!

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